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Monday, July 10, 2017

ETO (Every day teaching opportunities)

Now that I have decided to homeschool I am noticing myself finding ways to implement everyday discussions into short simple lessons. 

The phrase of the year at my house will be "Resolve your conflicts peacefully". I will be creating a new poster and framing it to put in the house. 

1. We discussed what these words mean.
     Resolve means to figure out how to fix your problem. 

2. Identify the conflict. What are you crying/whining/screaming about?  What is the problem?  Once you've identified your problem, you have identified your conflict, what is wrong? 

3. What is peacefully? Without whining/screaming/fighting/crying.  

4. Figure out how you can fix your problem without whining/screaming/crying/fighting etc. 

5. As a result we will be blessed with love at home. An additional bonus you learn how to resolve conflict responsibly and independently. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Where to find Cute Modest dresses

Hello! Welcome!

If you are reading this post you are like so many other ladies that ask me the same question. Where do you get all these cute dresses??

Since I get that question a lot around here I thought I would write a blog post with all of the online places I frequent to find modest dresses.  Modest meaning long or appropriate length and sleeves.  I will occasionally purchase a dress with spaghetti straps and wear a cardi or white t-shirt underneath also. But who wants to do that all the time??

So pin it, share it, bookmark it and check them out....if you can't find anything message me and I'll see what I can do.

Seriously, I'm not joking about this.  I love to shop and if I get to shop for people it's even more fun...of course you will have to pay me.

These are all places for 0-plus size. So, there is something for everyone.

TaraLynn's Boutique,:
Super cute florals and stripes. I've ordered a couple dresses from here and have been very happy with shipment and quality.


Zulily : My go to. You have to check daily and right now I see different shops for dresses everyday and it seems sleeves aren't that hard to find or maxi's.

Tips for ordering and sizes for any site :

  • Make sure you measure your bust, hips and waist. 
  • Some companies are from europe and the sizing is not right. You can mostly avoid sizing catastrophe's by making sure you know your measurements.  Because a L could be a Medium size somewhere else.  or a 5X could be a 1X somewhere.  So very important to look at sizing info and measurements.
  • If something doesn't look right like the dresses in the photo the waist is right in the boob area because I have larger breasts I will usually shy away from that. Also if the measurement chart is confusing or looks weird just avoid it.
  • Don't shy away though because you can find good things on here.
  • Shipping takes a while which is a downside but worth the wait sometimes.
  • Make sure you leave feedback on the zulily site, if you like something I feel like they are more likely to carry them in the future. 

 Neesee's Dresses
If anyone knows my style I love these dresses. I have ordered here and the shipping time is great and product comfy and soft.

Jane is a great place like Zulily to find cute dresses right now with sleeves. However sometimes I question the quality. One item I ordered was great quality and a couple were super thin. Great for summer.

Also check the measurements because sometimes the sizes aren't normal
I would also check material, you may be able to tell if its really thin or thicker that way.
This is a place that you would have to check daily because these deals come and go.

-My friend introduced me to eshakti and can I just say, that I LOOOVE this site. They have a huge number of dresses for 1.
2. They alter the dresses for you, add sleeves to any sleeveless or make the length longer or bring the front dip up some covering the cleavage area Ah-Ma-Zing! They are really onto something there and hopefully other companies will catch on.

I have yet to order because they are pricier especially if you alter. However, there are so many cute dresses and sometimes you can catch good deals.
Sometimes I forget about Shabby apple but there are very cute styles from 0-12
Jen Clothing

Of course you can always check 

You might get lucky.

If you know of any shops not on this list, let me know and I can update my list!

Happy Shopping All!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Raising smart successful children is tough...

We've been through a lot in the last 5 months. We've moved to a new city, the kids are attending a new school, and my husband a new job. AHHH!!!  It's been hectic to say the least.

Now that we are kind of settled I've just been trying to teach my children valuable lessons when I can. Lately I've felt the kids being too dependent on devices and not really wanting to help out around the house. I've felt very frustrated and just tired of yelling and repeating myself over and over and over again!!

My mom gave us a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Jr. kit she got from work. She thought it was a financial game. It's something I wanted to do with the kids but since we were moving and going through everything the last 3 years I never really got around to it. We've moved 3 times in the past 3 YEARS!! We would see the box sitting around and the kids would say "I want to play that" and I'm like "yeah we'll get to that".

Cut to maybe a year later and I finally figured out what it was. I found out it isn't really a game but a system to help teach your kids about work, spending, saving and giving.

I do well with instructions and how to's. I can follow guidelines pretty well. In fact I prefer to have help because I don't consider myself the best of teachers. As you will see if you watch the 18 minute video down below.  (I know it's long, but these are things I want my kids to retain)

So a couple things.

I'm really excited to teach my kids about saving for what they want instead of us just buying everything they want. I want them to feel good about working hard for money and then saving for something they want and buying it themselves.  I also want them to learn how to work and be the type of employee that goes above and beyond because that's what they've been taught.

So I bought 2 more of these systems for each of my children and we sat down and started this during family home evening one night. If you want to watch how we introduced it watch down below.

I have an 8 year old a 6 year old and a 2 year old. If I can give you any advice it would be that each child learns at their own pace. My 8 year old I've noticed has really been learning quickly after one pay day he's learned that if he wants the Skylander IMaginator video game he's gonna have to work hard. He's been determined everyday to do chores.

My 6 year old on the other hand wants a guinea pig, but isn't willing to work as hard to make the commission to earn it. I am not going to push her but hope one day it sinks in as we are diligent in keeping up with this system. It requires a bit of work on our parts in remembering to get cash every friday, but I think it's worth it and I feel so much better about giving them money when I know they've worked hard to get it.

This system is for 3-12 year olds, and I know my youngest is 2 but I am not expecting her to do much right now. In fact I'm not expecting much from any of them, I'm giving them the system and while I will try to motivate them, the success is ultimately up to them. If they don't do chores, they don't earn commissions it's as simple as that. I don't hound them, I don't remind them, they do it or they don't.

I like that there are activity books with this system that we worked on together, we still have 3 lessons to go but I think as they do their chores each week having those lessons helps them understand a little better as they are doing it.

It's great. Anyway I will probably blog about how the system goes in a few weeks or vlog the event when my oldest makes enough to buy that video game. (he's already decided if he makes $10 a week he can buy the game he wants in 6 weeks)

If you're interested in this system and have questions feel free to leave a comment and I will respond.

I also have seen people do basically the same thing on Pinterest but make up their own charts and stuff and I think that works great too.

The guide book that comes with the system explaining everything and also buying the book Smart Money, Smart Kids, by Dave Ramsey helps.

I'm not getting paid to write this post, but I just think I needed someone to help me because I never learned these lessons as a kid.  Yeah my parents made me work and do chores, and yeah I had jobs, but no one taught me how to be smart with my money. Something I wish I was better at myself.

And in an ever increasing dependent on credit world we live in, I want my kids to be savvy and smart with money.

Parenting is hard, I'm constantly thinking of ways and things to teach my kids, and again I'm not very good at it.  I take it one day at a time. Some days you win, some days you lose, and some days you lose your mind. Haha.

We're all just doing the best we can right?!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Science Fun Explosion

We tried to make Elephant Toothpaste!

The kids had such a blast and it was a fun family activity to do together.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

a little Mother's Day art

Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

I told my kids Mother's Day is the one day a year we are appreciated. But, seriously sometimes it can feel like that.

I wanted to create something graphically for mothers this weekend.

When I think of motherhood I think of babies naturally. That moment when you meet your tiny baby and the only thing there is to do is love and kiss on them (and feed them and change them ect) This stage goes by all too quickly. 

This next piece I asked my husband to sketch me a mom and her daughter, I wanted just their backs and originally I had thought of like a beach scene, with long flowing dresses, but once I saw his sketch I thought it just looked like a mom and her daughter at the Kentucky derby.  It turned out kind of perfect because my mother loves horses and the derby.  My parents always love going and so I knew I wanted to incorporate a photograph. I even like it in b&w. 

To all you mothers out there, happy Mother's Day!