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2 Years Later.....

It will be 2 years this September since I quit my full-time job in collections and decided to stay home and raise my kids full-time.  I thought I would be working my whole life, I never thought I'd be the stay at home type. I still don't know if I am, but I am doing it.   I constantly think about the future and how I can prepare myself to make money when my kids are old enough, which is why I've been in school doing photography and graphic design. I wonder why I can't just stay at home and not worry about it, but I do. Life would be so much easier
 I can't tell you how much I love waking up to my kids. Just this morning my 4 year old says mommy go take a nap (he wanted to watch cartoons by himself). No argument there, he was practically pushing me out of the room. Of course I had some things to do so I showered and did what I had to do. 
My children growing and becoming more independent is bittersweet.  I may be too much of a picture taker but when you capture moments …

Look What I made!

I've been wanting to create some dresses for my daughter...well ever since she was born. I've got the hair accessories down but I have loads of fabric I've been wanting to use.

I finally sat down this Saturday and made a skirt for her to wear to church on Sunday. It didn't take me very long well a few hours.  Once I get going on a project it can consume my entire life. 

 Shirt:Old Navy Skirt: Made Shoes : Target Hair Accessory: Made Here she is modeling it for me after church.  Isn't she just the cutest ever?! The skirt isn't perfect I can see some spots of imperfection, and I would have liked to have done an elastic band but didn't so I'm sure this won't fit her for long.  It's a learning experience! 
I also made the hair accessory to go with her outfit. After I was all done with the skirt I had no material left for a hair bow! Ugh! :) Like Tim Gun says, I made it work.  Project Runway here I come! Just kidding, so not ever going to be there.  Trut…

Come Grocery Shopping with me!!

Every Wednesday link up with Crazymama and Mamarazzi!!  Today's Q's are from Crazymama!
{1} walking down the cookie aisle at the store, what do you pick? ~ Chocolate chip cookie all the way..the soft batch kind. Oh yeah! {2} would you rather eat chips or crackers? which kind? ~Chips, Pringles are great for snacking...if we're talking about not looking at calories.  Or Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar..LOVE them {3} what kind of pickles do you like?
~ Dill all the way..crunchy {4} what is your favorite candy?  ~ Kit kat bites were my fav until I can't find them anymore..but I still love me some kit kats. Reeses peanut butter cup would have to tie. {5} marycate @ wants to know about your beverage preference.Coke....Or Pepsi? Diet Drinkers? ~I try not to drink soda, but I'd prefer a MT.Dew the real kind...get that diet outta here. If your going to drink soda, might as well make it count!!

PS! I'm hosting a Free hair pretties giveaway...two lucky…

Crepe Heaven!!

So yet another Pinterest meal. I decided to try this Crepe recipe and it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Seriously a must try for you.

Just to let you know, we ate this for dinner and ate it all up! The hubs was super in love with it as well! The cream filling recipe is especially yum. We added strawberries and extra powdered sugar.  The kids had nutella the cream filling and strawberries. So , not a real healthy dinner, but once in a while I think is ok :).

Here is the Pinterest recipe:

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Here's my pictures:

Clara crepe face!!  

Pinterest Meals haven't failed me yet!

I've decided to remain public for now.  When I went private and sent out invites I couldn't see the blog which was rather strange. I wish there was a way I could make certain posts private or password protected and other posts facebook has the options to do but for blogger. Do you know what I mean???

We got home from our KY trip. We spent a week long with family and friends and had a great time getting to see most friends and family.  I really think Clara learned a thing or two about playing with other kids from playing with her cousins because I hear she did great in Nursery on Sunday. Usually she cries her head off for a little while.  Eager to see if she keeps that up!

So onto why I'm posting. Pinterest meals! I tried another goodie a few nights ago.

Chicken Alfredo with Baked Asparagus. DELISH.

The kids actually weren't a fan of the asparagus, not sure if it was the soy or the vin-egret but I really loved it.

Here is the pinterest recipe for the aspara…