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De-cluttering and De-stressing.

My latest goal is to make my way to each room and closet in this house and organize and de-clutter.  Send the clothes to goodwill, throw out the junk, and organize.

Granted since I've started this goal I've only completed the bathroom and my son's room, but hey, that's a good start considering I have numerous homework projects for school and 2 young children to care for.

Yes my son needs a new dresser LOL.
The top of that bookshelf hasn't been cleaned in forever and I finally got rid of all the baby stuff we had from when Carson was a baby, baby powder, baby clippers things like that.

I'm tackling these things one room at a time, and I decided to do it once a week. That way I can dump the stuff I want to throw away in the trash without having to go to the dump :).

I think it's funny I've pinned so many ways to organize on pinterest and haven't looked at one.  It's pretty easy though, I'm pretty sure anyone could do it if they took the time.…

Nothing like throwing together a birthday party!

Get ready for a randomlicious post! 
How is everyone doing these days?? It's been forever since I've blogged. Busy things going on for us this semester. I can't wait for Christmas break!

Tomorrow is my little girls 2nd birthday.
Cupcakes- Check
Presents- Check

Now all that's left is wrapping presents and I might swing by the party store for goodie bags and balloons. We'll see how today goes.

Tonight Carson has soccer practice if it isn't cancelled and I fear it will be freezing and cold...yuk.

We're headed to a play date this morning and maybe I will have time to swing by the party store.

Today is my father's birthday, he's 58! I can't even believe how time is flying by.
Clara's birthday is the next day, isnt that cool? This weekend my parents come visit to celebrate both birthdays and then mine on the 5th of Oct. I am looking forward to spending some time with them.

In honor of my father's birthday my fondest memory of my father has to…

The ickies have graced me with their presence. Warning: content not for squeamish or bathroom humor challenged.

So first my daughter was sick and then yesterday all of a sudden it hit me, it was so weird. My stomach started hurting really badly and then came the diarrhea and the urge to puke. I grabbed a bucket and ran to the bathroom and started puking, my son and daughter were both in the bathroom with me of course, where else would they be?

My son comes and stands right in front of me as I'm puking into the bucket and then he goes "mommy you puked in my face."  It may have splattered on him I'm not sure but I puked into the bucket and then later on he's like "mommy, why did you puke in my face?" I said "because you were standing in front of my face."  I hope my kids learn their lesson to leave mommy alone in the bathroom, the things that go on in there aren't for public knowledge or display.  I mean who stands there and watches someone puke into a bucket..he was fascinated....

I think he thought it was kind of funny though because he kept bringi…