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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Kids will be kids..and other goings on

This week has gone by fast, which is good considering Monday I was counting down the minutes to bedtime and even Tuesday put the kids to bed early so I could watch the debate. 

I've been working hard to finish my schoolwork tonight and I still have a few assignments to get done before tomorrow and a test I'll have to take.  Scrambling!
I've been proud of my son Carson,  Yesterday I told him he couldn't watch his super hero show. Ya see, we have netflix on the wii and he knows how to control the wii remote and pick shows and this and that, so when I notice him jumping around and acting a little crazier than normal I notice he's watching these super hero shows. When I told him he couldn't watch them he through the biggest hissy fit and screamed, I can't quite remember if I told him to go to his room and throw his tantrum in there, or if he ran in there himself, but anyways that's where he was.  I thought to myself for a minute, I really need to explain …

Looking Forward to Election it Nov 6th yet?

Quick thought :
I couldn't help but remember yesterday as I was watching the President and Romney duke it out what Paul Ryan said during his debate with wacky Joe Biden.... 

Ryan said,  "You have a president who ran four years ago promising hope and change who has now turned his campaign into attack, blame and defame," Ryan said. "You see, if you don't have a good record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone to run from."

That's exactly what Obama did last night.  It just amazes me that people can be swayed by this man who 4 years ago said he would do all these things, and I didn't believe a word of it back then and I don't believe the next 4 years will be any better under Obama.  Obama who spent more time talking about what Mitt Romney paid in taxes and Mitt Romney than the real issues at hand...what happened to the jobs Obama?  All these things you've said you've done haven't contributed to a growing economy.  In fact I&#…

It's Fall!!

We enjoyed a nice morning at the park today. Nothing feels more like fall. Clara wanted to wear her hat and mittens, while Carson was content with just his jacket.  I'm going to miss having park days with the kids, pretty soon it will get too cold.  Happy Fall Everyone!

A Lil Recap "A nice spiritually quiet weekend"

I'm still coming off of a nice weekend high...whatever that means...

Last week my little girl had been sick and I almost cancelled plans to have the kids stay with grandma and grandpa for the weekend. It was supposed to be my parents birthday present to me to take the kids for the weekend so my husband and I could enjoy some much needed time together and peace and quiet.

I decided Friday morning that I needed to let the kids stay with their grandparents... so I packed everything gave the kids a bath and was out of the door by 10AM. I was very eager, it had been a hard and trying week with not much rest due to Clara's illness, and I had rationalized that everything would be ok. I met my mom half way in between our houses which is two hours for both of us and we swapped kids.

After we packed all of their things and car seats in my mom's car it was time to say goodbye. I was surprised by the emotions I felt as I watched them drive away. I was sad and crying.  This had been th…

Feeling Tired

I wanted to post about Clara's birthday and room but now I'm too tired after getting the pictures ready.

It's been a long day today. We had a play date at our church this morning, then at night Carson had soccer practice which while we were there started raining so hard. I thought about not going but decided to since they didn't cancel.  They even had his soccer pictures which I didn't get because it started to now I wait.


Last week my baby girl turned 2!
 We had our photo shoot the night before her birthday to remember these expensive balloons I bought :). She really loved them though.

Here she is with one of her gifts sent from her Grandma in KY. The cutest little cabbage patch dog. She loved it! She's giving me the cheesiest grin here though :).

So last week was big for my baby girl. We had a small party with friends and their kids. It was so fun and perfect for Clara. Our original idea was to rent a pony for pony rides and do this …