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A minuscule holiday ran and rave!

You know,
I had a wonderful holiday weekend with the family at home. We stayed home made food all day, me and the hubs ate turkey and the leftovers...the kids wouldn't hardly eat the food we made. Why do we even try?

We put up our Christmas tree and lots of pictures to come once I get my computer back from the Apple store. Ya see, I was an idiot and stuffed my microcard in the cd rom slot...I did it once before but that time I was able to get it out myself, this time I wasn't so lucky.  So we have to take it in to be fixed and my dumb self might have cost me a new cd rom. So now I am without my computer to edit with all my photos on it and my microcard with my photos on it. I would like to also add that computer has my life on it so if anything ever happened to the hard drive I might just drop dead. FYI, you heard it here first.

Even that mishap didn't get me down though.

Friday evening after we put up all our Christmas decorations we drove to this neighborhood that has aw…

Happy Fat America Day!

I laughed out loud when I first heard that on Don't trust the Apt23. 
I've just been thinking about how stupid Thanksgiving really is. We go out buy ridiculous amounts of food and then stuff ourselves. All because we're thankful? Sounds kind of weird to me. 
I really just think it's because I used to just sit back and let my mom prepare everything for Thanksgiving and now it's my turn to do the work.  I also know how my family is with leftovers, they don't eat any of it so I feel like we're wasting money. Look at me the Scrooge of Thanksgiving. Womp Womp Womp!
I am all for getting off work and school for my husband to have time with his family and all for family gatherings.  
If you think about it, when the Pilgrims first had a thanksgiving it makes sense they would have a feast.  I mean if I had moved to a new land and had no clue how to grow food I'd sure be giving thanks for that first harvest! "YAY, I'm not going to starve!" wo…

What's up Doc?

I thought I'd write a quick little bit if anyone is interested in what we've been up to lately.

I really haven't had any time, and any time I have had I've been happy to just do nothing if I can get away with it.

I've been busy with photography sessions and photo editing, as well as massaging. All of which I'm thankful and blessed to be able to do.

School is going full steam ahead and I've just been unmotivated to do my work. I have lots to do before Thanksgiving, and find time to prepare a talk for Church in a couple of weeks. AND finish editing my clients gorgeous photos.

The kids are doing great, I think they've been under the weather the last week and they are doing much better today. They actually slept in until about 8:30 when they've been getting up around 7 every other day. Dang daylight savings.

We are having fun as a family every minute we get.

Carson started soccer training, he goes once a week on Wednesday and it's quite a drive to …
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Good luck Mitt, we're rooting for you!
Love, Vanessa & Family