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No Snow? No problem...sort of.

Carson got this make your own snow box from his teacher for Christmas. I think it was from the dollar store, but it didn't make that much snow. Nonetheless, we made the most out of it.

The kids got on their snow pants and we played in the snow for a little bit. Wasn't long before all the snow was gone.

See what I mean, not a lot of snow at all, but it was fun.  And it wasn't that cold as the kids are without coats.

Next time I think I'll go to the dollar store and buy like every one they have :). The kids really wanted to make snow angels, but there just wasn't enough, ha!

Christmas Photos

A few days ago I had the kids take some Christmas photos with Santa. We bought my husband a santa suit and told the kids it was daddy because it was the only way my youngest would go near santa.

So these are some of the photos I was able to capture. I can't wait to make a photo book for the kids..I better get on it because my photos are starting to add up.

See so happy 
I had this idea to write what the kids had wanted for Christmas for a picture, it's funny to see the differences and how much stuff the 4 year old wanted in comparison to the 2 year old. 
And some of the things on the 2 year olds list is potty, santa..she's funny.

 The kids found Santa's bag, and what's that? Magic snow??  Yeah I'm a nerd.
 This picture just makes me laugh. That's my husband!
Only two more weeks folks! Have you got your Christmas Shopping done??

Christmas Ornaments for Everyone!

I decided to make a few friends some homemade Christmas wreaths for Christmas. We're a little short on money this year and I have loads of crafts so I dug into the old stash and I just love the end result.

I will have to make a few for myself!

How cute right?
What you'll need to complete this project: 2 felt circles the size of your wreath, you could make it any size.A strip of I believe 2" shabby flower any color would work, but I had this green I got from Hobby Lobby last year. RibbonFray Check (For the ends of your ribbon)buttonany other embellishment you'd like to add.Hot glue You really could go all out and put little bows around the wreath, add little gems, I like it simple. And on the back I added a plain green bow and a little card.
I don't have step by step pictures, but  What I did was first, cut out my wreath on the felt circles for my base. Hot glued the shabby flower all around one felt circle. Glued my ribbon to hang wreath on the back side.  Then tie…

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

I got my computer back YAY!

Since we had to get our CD Rom replaced I was expecting to have to pay $150 however, it was a Christmas miracle because we didn't have to pay for it. Thank goodness for insurance!!
My husband and I both felt really blessed for this tender mercy!

Finals are under way and I am almost finished! Two more big projects and a test and I am done!

Oh and Happy December!
My these months just fly by faster and faster don't they?

So here are some photos from last weekend. We checked out the lights at the zoo and found out there was also a chance to meet Santa, make cookies with Mrs. Clause (whom Clara likes to call Mrs.Closet, it's really cute). We have yet to go back and see the reindeer.  It WAS FREEZING! But so fun.

 The lights were awesome and they had a neat little show.

 Carson and Gingy.

 We had to wait like a half hour to see Santa, but we were first in line so it was worth it. We got there early. Daddy is keeping Clara warm while we wait...I know w…