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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kids will be kids..and other goings on

This week has gone by fast, which is good considering Monday I was counting down the minutes to bedtime and even Tuesday put the kids to bed early so I could watch the debate. 

I've been working hard to finish my schoolwork tonight and I still have a few assignments to get done before tomorrow and a test I'll have to take.  Scrambling!

I've been proud of my son Carson, 
Yesterday I told him he couldn't watch his super hero show. Ya see, we have netflix on the wii and he knows how to control the wii remote and pick shows and this and that, so when I notice him jumping around and acting a little crazier than normal I notice he's watching these super hero shows. When I told him he couldn't watch them he through the biggest hissy fit and screamed, I can't quite remember if I told him to go to his room and throw his tantrum in there, or if he ran in there himself, but anyways that's where he was. 
I thought to myself for a minute, I really need to explain myself. I wondered if he thought I just enjoyed making his life miserable?

 So I quit getting myself ready in the bathroom and went to his room where he was pouting on the floor flipping through one of those magazines they send us in the mail with kids toys in it. 
I explained that I don't like him watching too many super hero shows or watching that all the time because I don't think it's good for him to be watching. I explained that they fight in those shows, and while super hero's are good because they help people in need, there is still violence.  I explained that I'd much rather him make good choices and watch educational shows where he can learn or shows that are good for him.  
I also explained that I'm going to tell him a lot of things he isn't going to want to do throughout his life but that I love him so much and I only want him to make good choices in his life and be the best that he can be. I also felt it important to explain that I love him so very much and I don't tell him he can't watch that or do certain things because I want to make him mad or want to take things away but that I want what's best for him and Clara.  I gave him a hug and his mood changed. 

I just noticed that he hasn't watched any super hero shows today. He did watch a Barney Christmas show. I think he's getting excited for Christmas and Santa..

Anyways, I just get surprised by these little moments that happen rarely because I still feel my kids are young. I am surprised though that when I speak and explain things to them they understand or at least get the gist of it and it makes me feel better to be able to explain why I do this and why I do that. 

I constantly tell Carson I'm your mommy and it's mommies and daddies responsibility to take care of my children.  I think it helps when he sees other kids doing things that he's not allowed to do.  

I need to cherish these moments because I feel when they get older it won't be as easy to explain! 

Long story huh?

I rented a nice Canon lens for this weekends photo shoots. I've got a few family shoots going on and I couldn't be more excited about it. This lens is originally like $1500.00 but I could rent it for like 90 bucks for 10 days so I figured I'd give it a go. 
Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of the kids
 I did try and get her to smile, but I don't know why she kept making this face??

 There's a smile..kind of
 My goofy boy! Always the life of the party!
I love how the lens gives the illusion of a huge long garage. 

It's a wide angle 16-15mm Canon II lens. 
It's really sweet. Too bad I can't keep it! :(

Enjoy your weekend! 
Stay tuned to my Photogarphy&Design FB for this weekends Sessions  Vanessa-Marie

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Looking Forward to Election day..is it Nov 6th yet?

Quick thought :
I couldn't help but remember yesterday as I was watching the President and Romney duke it out what Paul Ryan said during his debate with wacky Joe Biden.... 

Ryan said,  "You have a president who ran four years ago promising hope and change who has now turned his campaign into attack, blame and defame," Ryan said. "You see, if you don't have a good record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone to run from."

That's exactly what Obama did last night.  It just amazes me that people can be swayed by this man who 4 years ago said he would do all these things, and I didn't believe a word of it back then and I don't believe the next 4 years will be any better under Obama.  Obama who spent more time talking about what Mitt Romney paid in taxes and Mitt Romney than the real issues at hand...what happened to the jobs Obama?  All these things you've said you've done haven't contributed to a growing economy.  In fact I'm terrified for my future and my children's future under Obama. 

I think in last nights debate we saw Romney do better in the first half and the second half was ganged up upon by the mediator and Obama. I think they both did well and I would say there was no clear winner.  I would consider it a tie. 
I do believe Romney when he says he cares 100%  about the American people and I believe he's the best man for the job.


Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Fall!!

We enjoyed a nice morning at the park today. Nothing feels more like fall. Clara wanted to wear her hat and mittens, while Carson was content with just his jacket. 
I'm going to miss having park days with the kids, pretty soon it will get too cold. 
Happy Fall Everyone!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Lil Recap "A nice spiritually quiet weekend"

I'm still coming off of a nice weekend high...whatever that means...

Last week my little girl had been sick and I almost cancelled plans to have the kids stay with grandma and grandpa for the weekend. It was supposed to be my parents birthday present to me to take the kids for the weekend so my husband and I could enjoy some much needed time together and peace and quiet.

I decided Friday morning that I needed to let the kids stay with their grandparents... so I packed everything gave the kids a bath and was out of the door by 10AM. I was very eager, it had been a hard and trying week with not much rest due to Clara's illness, and I had rationalized that everything would be ok. I met my mom half way in between our houses which is two hours for both of us and we swapped kids.

After we packed all of their things and car seats in my mom's car it was time to say goodbye. I was surprised by the emotions I felt as I watched them drive away. I was sad and crying.  This had been the first time both kids had spent the night anywhere without me.  I'm surprised I didn't lose it when I hugged my son goodbye and he said "Mommy, I'm gonna miss you." I kept it together then but lost it when they were gone. I didn't want to jeopardize my chances of being kid free for the weekend so I held in the tears until they were gone.

Of course everything that could possibly happen or go wrong while they were not under my care flew into my mind, but I forced those feelings and thoughts out as I kept saying to myself I deserved this!

So my initial emotion was sad, scared then as I started to play the songs on my iPod it all started to go away as I sang as loud as I wanted and played the music I wanted. No kids saying Mommy I want to watch this or that or listen to this and that. Lately the only music we've listened to in the car (when we're not watching movies) is primary church hymns to get Carson ready for his primary program...and while I do love to listen to children sing....ugh it was so nice to play my music!

So I went from sad to scared to so happy!
Insert cheesy song here :

Picture me in my mini van putting my hands up singing loudly to my jams! :)

By the time I made it home I was ready to spend time with the hubby. He got home so late from school that we decided to go out to dinner to Red Lobster which was so nice not having to worry about hurrying to get back to the kids or anything.

We also decided we had enough time after dinner to catch a movie. We snagged some candies at a store and then went to the movie theatre to see Pitch Perfect. This preview is pretty much the whole movie but it's still hilarious enough to see in theaters if your looking for a good movie to watch. Truly funny.

Saturday we awoke at 11 AM. No children asking for cereal, milk or cartoons just peace and quiet. My husband spoiled me all weekend since it was my birthday weekend. He made me pancakes and everything. We sat on our big chaise lounge and watched General Conference on my laptop.

It's been about 4 years since I've been able to really enjoy and listen to conference. I think it was a blessing and much needed for my husband and I to really listen and pay attention to conference.

After Conference my husband made me a crazy good dinner
Those steaks were so huge but so good. 

My yummy cake. Friendly's Reese's soo good! I think he got it at Kroger.

We finally decided to put the Orange soda to the test...which is better Sunkist or Fanta??

My husband liked Fanta I chose Sunkist.
Sunday we picked the kids up and missed most of Conference.  Then we were back to our crazy life. 

The kids brought home pumpkins because they went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa so we got paints and things for them to pain their pumpkins.

Clara chose Neon Pink
Our Art spread
Carson chose a neon reddish pink, he wanted to make a spiderman pumpkin.  The final pictures I have on Instagram on my sidebar, but I haven't taken final pics of the pumpkins with my good camera.

The kids really love some arts and crafts. We spray painted all the pumpkins white before we painted them so the paint would look better.

Another thing we did while the kids were away was spend some birthday money I got from my parents. I got some sweet footie pajamas and we bought some things for the kids cause that's just what we do. I can never not think of them when I'm out, especially at Target.
We got Carson an undershirt for soccer and he loved it. He was so excited about it. There he is above showing it off for me. He couldn't wait to show his teammates.

So this isn't really a lil recap but it was a long weekend filled with such good things.

I should post a whole post about Conference. It was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself and remind me what my purpose is. You know you can get so carried away with everyday tasks, cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights, it's every thing I can do some days to not go nuts at this stage in the kids lives and so hearing talks about teaching my kids good things and remembering to do Family Home evening and having them learn these things at home is an eye opener for me.  It's everything I already know but everything I need to be reminded of.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend and enjoys decorating and preparing for the coming Holidays.
Happy Halloween!!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling Tired

I wanted to post about Clara's birthday and room but now I'm too tired after getting the pictures ready.

It's been a long day today. We had a play date at our church this morning, then at night Carson had soccer practice which while we were there started raining so hard. I thought about not going but decided to since they didn't cancel.  They even had his soccer pictures which I didn't get because it started to rain...pff....so now I wait.


Last week my baby girl turned 2!
 We had our photo shoot the night before her birthday to remember these expensive balloons I bought :). She really loved them though.

Here she is with one of her gifts sent from her Grandma in KY. The cutest little cabbage patch dog. She loved it! She's giving me the cheesiest grin here though :).

So last week was big for my baby girl. We had a small party with friends and their kids. It was so fun and perfect for Clara. Our original idea was to rent a pony for pony rides and do this vintage pony theme, except she is so young, so we think we will save that idea for another older birthday.

Cupcakes and presents and play time was all she needed.

This little video shows a little of her birthday highlights. I wanted to surprise her with balloons around her door. She was pretty excited about it, and we did sing happy birthday with friends but I didn't realize til later I wasn't filming and thought I was so we had to sing happy birthday again after dinner.

After Clara's birthday I decided it was time to clean and de-clutter her room and make it a little "older" for her.

I got rid of a lot of baby stuff in her room and took out all the junk in the closet (except for my husbands ties) and put her toys and shoes in her closet to utilize more space in her small room.

I love her reaction and how she was closing her eyes...she's so stinkin cute.

This is her closet. We may hang a curtain or put a curtain with ties over it. I'm not sure yet? The kids had fun playing in it when I first did it. 

Clara had been in her toddler bed for a while now, which is just her crib converted to a day bed. I decided she was ready for big girl bedding. So she picked out this owl she liked in target, I decided we'd go with the matching bedding. 

I finally organized all of her hair bows. I hung up this curtain rod I got a while back from Big Lots I forget even what I was going to use it for.  Then I made a few ribbons to go around the rod for her clips and used her organizer I had shoes in for the headbands. It worked out really well now that her shoes are in the closet.  

I put all of Clara's stuffed animals on the changing table where we usually change her diaper and she wanted to climb up there and be with them. As you can see.

She isn't completely out of diapers yet but surprisingly I was working with her last week and she did go potty on the toilet every time I worked with her, she even pooped after she saw her brother go poop. I was so excited. I decided she probably wouldn't go to the bathroom on her own so I am waiting a little while and will maybe work with her later.  I want to make sure she is ready.  I got this Potty Power DVD for Carson when he was learning and she really likes watching it, she watched it twice last week, so who knows. 

She is growing up so fast! 

My parents came to visit for the weekend and we celebrated her birthday and my dad's who's birthday is the day before my daughter. It was nice getting to see them and the kids definitely enjoyed having them here.

Now it's back to the real world and we're just trying to have a good week. 
This weekend my parents were going to take the kids for my birthday present. I have never been away from Clara overnight let alone a weekend and even Carson since he was really little.  Clara got sick and has a fever so we may not be able to do that as planned it all depends.   

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!