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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A minuscule holiday ran and rave!

You know,
I had a wonderful holiday weekend with the family at home. We stayed home made food all day, me and the hubs ate turkey and the leftovers...the kids wouldn't hardly eat the food we made. Why do we even try?

We put up our Christmas tree and lots of pictures to come once I get my computer back from the Apple store. Ya see, I was an idiot and stuffed my microcard in the cd rom slot...I did it once before but that time I was able to get it out myself, this time I wasn't so lucky.  So we have to take it in to be fixed and my dumb self might have cost me a new cd rom. So now I am without my computer to edit with all my photos on it and my microcard with my photos on it. I would like to also add that computer has my life on it so if anything ever happened to the hard drive I might just drop dead. FYI, you heard it here first.

Even that mishap didn't get me down though.

Friday evening after we put up all our Christmas decorations we drove to this neighborhood that has awesome Christmas lights that is synchronized to music. Yesterday evening the kids got to go to the zoo and see the fun Christmas lights they put up and a cool Christmas light show with music, they also got to see Santa and Carson got to take a picture with him, all decked out in his spiderman gear! Clara wouldn't get near Santa, and he screamed HO HO HO Merry Christmas in her face..like she will want to sit on his lap??

Lets talk about the prices for a Christmas photo of santa?? What the heck is up with that??!!!
They wouldn't even give us one of each photo they took without us spending 110$ some dollars!! CRAZY....I'm going to buy a santa suit and make my husband dress up as Santa for some cute pics lol!!

So that was our fun filled weekend and I'm sad that it will be over tomorrow! We have Christmas to look forward to and the kids couldn't be more excited!
Carson really is so excited, he said this weekend "this is going to be the best Christmas EVER!"

Below is a little family video I made of us putting up the tree, I know I'm not in it. I'll have to try and get in it next year! I just love it.
This year we want to do something Christmasy every weekend so I'll probably be posting lots of pics.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Fat America Day!

I laughed out loud when I first heard that on Don't trust the B...in Apt23. 

I've just been thinking about how stupid Thanksgiving really is. We go out buy ridiculous amounts of food and then stuff ourselves. All because we're thankful? Sounds kind of weird to me. 

I really just think it's because I used to just sit back and let my mom prepare everything for Thanksgiving and now it's my turn to do the work.  I also know how my family is with leftovers, they don't eat any of it so I feel like we're wasting money. Look at me the Scrooge of Thanksgiving. Womp Womp Womp!

I am all for getting off work and school for my husband to have time with his family and all for family gatherings.  

If you think about it, when the Pilgrims first had a thanksgiving it makes sense they would have a feast.  I mean if I had moved to a new land and had no clue how to grow food I'd sure be giving thanks for that first harvest! "YAY, I'm not going to starve!" would be my thought. 

Nonetheless, and on a much brighter note we have our turkey and food for tomorrow and I will be cooking my first ever Thanksgiving meal. Usually we travel and spend it with family and this year we are staying home and celebrating our own Thanksgiving. I hope to watch a lot of football and I believe my husband will play in a turkey bowl at church. He has been talking about his tradition to play the turkey bowl at every Thanksgiving since we've been married.

So, in the spirit of "tradition"!! I have one major thing I'm thankful for which I believe is the reason for all my little blessings and other little Thankfulnesses.  Yes, that's a word I made up.  

I am Thankful for Heavenly Father, as religious and boring as that sounds, everything I have and everything I am I give thanks to Heavenly Father, for sending me to earth, for giving me the family I've been blessed with, who raised me to be the woman I am today. For putting me on the right path to meet my wonderful and amazing husband who gave me my wonderful and amazing children! Everything I do and everything that happens is a result of Heavenly Father's tender mercies in my life and for that I am ever thankful! Tomorrow I will stuff myself until I can't stuff myself any longer and I will get tired and take a nap and watch football to show my thankfulness to Heavenly Father, in the spirit of "tradition".  In all seriousness one thanksgiving it would be cool to go and serve somehow I think it's really great how some people go and serve others on Thanksgiving and donate their time and food for those that are less fortunate! If that's you, good on ya!! 

I had this idea for a cute photo, I had wanted both the kids to pretend to eat this blow up turkey here...my neighbors lovingly let us use it to take pictures. Of course my idea didn't turn out as planned because Clara was afraid of blow up turkey and Carson was bouncing around so much I barely got these shots, but nonetheless, it served its purpose and I made a cute and cool turkey also! See I can get in on the festivities!

Thanks for reading this lengthy post, I don't even know how to shorten my thoughts anymore!

Have a wonderful safe and happy thanksgiving and may you get the big end of the wishbone!!~Vanessa


Monday, November 12, 2012

What's up Doc?

I thought I'd write a quick little bit if anyone is interested in what we've been up to lately.

I really haven't had any time, and any time I have had I've been happy to just do nothing if I can get away with it.

I've been busy with photography sessions and photo editing, as well as massaging. All of which I'm thankful and blessed to be able to do.

School is going full steam ahead and I've just been unmotivated to do my work. I have lots to do before Thanksgiving, and find time to prepare a talk for Church in a couple of weeks. AND finish editing my clients gorgeous photos.

The kids are doing great, I think they've been under the weather the last week and they are doing much better today. They actually slept in until about 8:30 when they've been getting up around 7 every other day. Dang daylight savings.

We are having fun as a family every minute we get.

Carson started soccer training, he goes once a week on Wednesday and it's quite a drive to get there. I am going to have to find something closer if we do it again. With traffic it took me like an hour to get there! I'm not allowed to be there while he's training, I just get to watch him through a glass in the Lobby. Carson told me his coach was telling him he needed to listen and pay attention and that sounds about right.

Clara is such a little sponge and I love it. She wants to learn all the time. She loves learning time and singing and dancing. She loves books and saying her ABC's. As sweet and awesome as she is she can be quite the little stinker when she doesn't get her way. I think I am beginning to learn how to deal with her tantrums but it doesn't mean they still don't happen.

Recently I've been kind of stunned at what will be coming up quickly. My husband graduates in May with his Bachelors and has to hurry up and sign up for the GRE as well as teacher recommendations and then apply for Grad school in Architecture.  All of this will have to be done before January for my husband and I'm just wanting to help him and support him in any way I can as we get everything ready in time.  He also may be applying to other schools. If he can't do all of this in time in January he may end up going into City and Regional Planning.

Lots ahead for us, only time will tell.

Saturday this weekend we went to the zoo to enjoy the nice weather before it gets too cold. The kids love the zoo.   Some pictures from the zoo...We like the gorilla and monkey exhibits so that's where I took the photos.
Cutest girl

Sunday I went with my dad, mom and brother to a NY Giants game in Cincinatti. The worst game I've ever seen my team the Giants play. What the heck was up with them?  Me and my family sat in our blue and white jersey's in a sea of hideous orange and black jerseys and listened to the excited fans cheer on their team. I wanted to be the excited fan cheering on her team! If I wanted to see a spanking that bad I would have been happy just to see it on my living room couch!
However,  my dad payed for all of us to go and he was excited to do so, so it was a fun time for us as a family. You don't get many family outings like that once your all married and have kids so it was fun to be together again for a short time.
The kids were happy to be having daddy time as they never get to see their daddy throughout the week.

Some pictures of the game, I wish I had my better camera but this was all I had with me.

Full-steam ahead this week!! Looking forward to seeing the last movie in the Twilight trilogy Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Friday with my girls!  I am so excited!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Only a few hours left Eastern Time! Do your part! VOTE!!

Good luck Mitt, we're rooting for you!

Love, Vanessa & Family