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Friday, March 29, 2013

Woe is Us!

This morning I awoke at 6:30AM which is when Robert gets off from work. I had the feeling to call my husband. Fridays are pretty rough for him, he's usually not getting any sleep wednesday, or thursday and so Fridays are tough for him as he usually has an assignment due that he has waited til the last minute to finish.  Anyway, I had the feeling that I needed to call him and make sure that he was ok. I knew that he was going to drive from work right to school to finish his assignment that was due. I got up, got dressed and took the dog out to go potty while I called Robert. I talked to him for a while and somehow we lost connection. I was worried about him for some reason as I always am but this morning for some reason I felt like I needed to talk with him to make sure he'd be awake. I got back into bed after the dog went potty and called Rob again. We talked for a minute and he said he was fine and awake enough to make it to school. It sounded to me that he was almost there so I thought ok, I guess he'll be ok and I went back to sleep.

Cut to 8:00 when I woke up to the phone in the house ringing. Robert had gotten into a car accident. Had fallen asleep at the wheel and ran into someone. At least he is fine and he is safe, but to make matters worse he found out he was also driving with an expired drivers license which had to be reported and we will have to be fined for.

So this morning I rushed out of the house without make up on or a bra, which for me is monumental because I have never done that, ever. Carson's hair was a mess and he grabbed some jeans. I changed Clara's diaper and got her pants on and we jumped in the car to get him at the car lot where they had towed his car.

After we picked up Robert we ran back home and I thought we were going to relax but realized we needed to renew Robert's license so he could get a rental car from the insurance company and I had to drive him because he hadn't slept. Also he had to get everything out of his car in case the insurance company says that it is totaled because if they did we would never see it again. So we get the kids shoes on this time and put Clara's coat on. Jump in the car and head on over to get the stuff in the car and renew rob's license.

This parts pretty funny, so on the way to the BMV (the bureau of motor vehicles) I am chastising my husband for not renewing his license and thank goodness I took care of renewing his registration on his birthday. I am saying to him "A responsible person takes care of things like this a responsible person knows when to renew their license" and he says when does yours expire?  I look quickly at my license and notice that my license has expired, in October of 2012, last year on my birthday. I had no clue. Not an idea that I had been driving around for months with an expired drivers license. Of course my husband thought that to be the funniest thing. I could see I made him feel instantly better that I was saying all these things about him not renewing his license when I hadn't. So yes, win for you husband.  Kentucky sends reminders in the mail when your license is expiring and I got nothing from Ohio.

So here I am going to the BMV with my whole family this morning. I at least packed my make up and we realize that Carson had forgotten his coat and is wearing his pajama shirt still. Clara is wearing her princess dress and I am looking like a hot dirty mess. We all looked so raggedy and disgusting and I for sure would have been mortified to see anyone I knew. Worse yet, I was going to renew my drivers license which meant a new drivers license picture.  Believe me when I say the worst drivers license picture ever. I'm sure the BMV people are getting a good laugh at that. I swear it looks like a prison photo.

All in all we got a rental car and will find out if our car can be repaired or not. I don't even know what we will do if it can't be repaired? We ran around a lot today but we had good memories and family time and everyone is safe and sound.

Robert has a month left to go for school and this semester seems to be worse than any I remember in times of his time and being able to sleep. I may just have to drive him to school everyday for the next month.

It's just crazy and kind of a testimony builder to me that I had been feeling the spirit, telling me to make sure he was ok. I even tried to get him to take Thursday night off so he could sleep and get his homework done, but he didn't want to take off.  I wish I had just stayed on the phone longer until he made it to school. Maybe it would have been ok? Or maybe he would have made it to school and it would have been worse on his way home?

It's just the icing on the cake and I for sure cannot wait til this school semester is over and done. So over it. Over. It.

I wish I had some exciting news but no such luck. Maybe my next post because it seems I'm a whiny complainer lately!  I'm not usually like this, and I want to be happy. I guess I'm just enduring right now, just biding my time until this storm has passed. It's all I can do at this point.

Nonetheless, I still hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!
Love ya


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This time in my life...

It's hard to explain how my weeks go.  Lately my daughter is getting too big to change her diaper and she's becoming increasing more ornery.  She doesn't want me to change her diaper but she doesn't want to go on the potty. She doesn't want me to take off her princess dress and she doesn't want to take off her princess shoes at nap time.  "No, I don't want to" all the time.

Why don't I get to say "No, I don't want to."? Terrible 2's for sure, every day is a struggle and I'm just wondering when is this going to change?  I do remember Carson being argumentative for a bit but it seemed to be a really brief period.

I have homework and tests to study for and every time I sit down to study the dog needs to go outside or the kids want a snack, or whatever you can imagine. They are craving attention so much that it is just bonkers.  Sometimes I think if I could just get a break, weekends just aren't enough. Weekends are like a day long and that is just not going to cut it in my life.

I have to somehow muster enough strength and energy to give my husband a very wonderful birthday tomorrow, or at least as wonderful as I can give him during the weekday. This weekend we are going to KY to visit family because that is really what he wanted for his birthday, so we will most likely celebrate then. I just wanted to do something special, just a little something and I just don't know how I can pull that off.

And lets talk about why I feel so tired all the time? Why? I don't even know, is it because I'm 31?
I have to confess, I've been googling "what to expect in your thirties" or "tired at 31". I can't find any other 30 somethings having this problem. It must not be because I'm 31.

It must be the stress of bills, and running this household while the dust builds up, while trying to housebreak our 2 month old puppy, and trying to get Carson ready for Kindergarden and trying to get Clara to stop being a brat and trying to study and do homework as well as a million other things.

Week days are definitely trying for me. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. Just a few years longer and this mess will be a thing of the past!! Oh I can't wait for those days.