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Friday, June 28, 2013

Wacky Weeks

Since we got back from holiday a couple weeks ago the kids have been completely wacky. (I told my husband I was going to say "holiday" from now on instead of vacation cause it's so euro and much cooler and, I like it).  While we had a blast, I don't like being off kilter and the crazies have got to go.

Me I'm tired. For some reason I couldn't sleep last night. A friend of mine is battling cancer and you just can't help but think geez, it's not fair. A mom with small kids with enough to deal with, it's just not fair and an amazing woman at that.

I just keep thinking about what will happen if my husband doesn't get into grad school and what will be our next move and we should probably get our house in order if we have to move.

Just lots of thoughts Clara has been waking up in the middle of the night too and once she wakes me up it's hard for me to fall back asleep...phew.

I need to post pictures of Carson's birthday and fun and talk about our trip.  Among other things.

Our dog Phoebe got spayed recently it's been about a week. She is doing wonderful and back to her playful self. I kind of liked chill drugged out phoebe maybe what I have to look forward to when she's older?

So back story we were taking her to Banfield in Petsmart and we were paying the Wellness plan that includes the spay. When it was time to get spayed we payed close to $200 in tests for reasons I don't understand they took tests before the spay to check the liver and said that her liver was abnormal the first time. Then gave her vitamins and wanted to wait a month and test again. So we did then after money later and the second testing they are like yup still an abnormal liver but the doc was like "I'll go ahead and do the surgery anyways" Great thanks $200 later.   Then the doc says after all this oh I forgot to tell you we're going to need one more test before the spay to check for her blood clotting to make sure she clots and doesn't bleed out on the table...mmmkkkk?? So this just doesn't seem right I'm like can we do the spay without the test and he's like no.

So thank goodness I confided in my Sister In Law and her wisdom who advised me to not do any more tests and find a clinic.  So we did and only ended up paying $35 for spay and meds and cone included. If we had spayed at banfield even with our plan it would have cost close to $100 just for the spay and another $100 for the testing on top of the monthly wellness plan we were already paying (included my REAR)...RIDICULOUS.

So please if you have a pet check your options. We chose Banfield cause the monthly plan seemed reasonable but I don't know why I didn't think about clinics.  I can't wait til she gets rabies shots and they ask about her spay and I say you are charging money for worthless tests I should write up a testimony somewhere so customers are aware of this.

That's my quick post for now...love how it's not quick.
Read fast people.