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Firefly fun

I got the idea to have the kids catch firefly's one night while we were on vacation.  
I made little firefly catchers out of mason jars. I think the kids had lots of fun. But it was super hot outside. So it wasn't like we could capture them all night. We did also let them go once we captured them.  My son was pretty good at catching them.   I decided I will probably make our trip into a few posts since I've got a few fun things photographed. 

It was my niece's birthday the week we went and she wore her little birthday girl tiara everywhere it was too cute. Look at that attitude.

The kids just look sweaty to me. It was really super hot. Like super humid and hot and sticky yuck.

Carson's Birthday!! Home Sweet Kentucky Home

Last month we celebrated Carson's 5th Birthday!

I made this little electronic Invite for his birthday. Not perfect but I think it's cute!!

My little soon to be Kindergartener. Which reminds me we got a letter in the mail from Carson's new school and will be attending Kindergarten Orientation this month. Carson is so excited to meet his teacher and see his new school.

 I will probably be the only parent crying..I should just let it all go...I probably will....

so glad I don't really know any parents there yet, but I will probably be labeled "that mom"....whoever "that mom" is? You know, the one that cries all the time. I never ball but my eyes get could say. When my son blocks a ball from the soccer goal..when he kicks the ball, when I see just complete happiness, and even when we all sang happy birthday to him.  I am "that mom".

I can't help it, I am emotional. I remember my boss telling me that, where I worked years ago. &…

Cedar Point Fun

This post is a little late, but I'm trying to catch up...In June we were able to go to Cedar Point with my husbands work. We got in free otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone.
I'm glad we ended up going because originally we weren't going to. Carson had so much fun riding rides. Clara finally started riding the rides when it was time to go. It takes her a lot longer to warm up to things, poor thing.  My son and I got to ride the scrambler which used to be one of my favorites but as I get older it was a little annoying how many times that thing goes around and around....Carson screaming with delight every time!  It made it all worth it.

We thought we were clever and bought these key rings and wrote our # and their address on them in case they got lost, that's why it's blacked out for photos, but it all rubbed off even with a sharpe marker. I'm going to have to look into something else. 
Posing for Pictures! It was freezing when we first got there, hence t…