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A little school help! Photographers and Clients who have received Photography services.

Good morning fellow bloggers and friends,

I am conducting a short survey for a research paper I am writing in my business comm class.

This is the first time I am using to upload my files. These are standard .doc files. Click the link below and then click download under the file link, next click the grey bar that says free download. It will download to your computer and you can fill out the questionnaire and e-mail back to me @   If you'd like to help and don't want to download the file please e-mail me and I can either e-mail the questions to you or the file.

I 100% assure you these files have 0 viruses. A dialog box may pop up in word doc because it was created on a mac in pages and then saved as a doc file so not everything will be the same and may sometimes look different on a windows computer, but you can just close the dialog box.

Below are the links:

Client questionnaire for those who have paid for photography services: