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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kindergarden Prep

I never knew signing up my boy for Kindergarden could be so much work. It's not that bad, but after registering him where he should be going to school and realizing I might want to put him in a different Charter school I have to re register him at said Charter school and wait to see if we made the spots. It's first come first serve basis so if they are full we are stuck going to our designated school. Makes me wonder if all elementary school public schools do this or if it's just an Ohio thang?  

I was telling my husband the Charter schools are great, but it would be so much more efficient if they (whoever they are) would work on bettering the public schools they've already got, then they wouldn't have to waste money and parents like me wouldn't have to run around trying to find the best school.

Anywhoozles, while talking to a couple ladies at the charter school they said we'd most likely get in, they seemed pretty convinced that everyone present tonight would make the open spots Which was surprising because it was packed.  I found myself chatting with one of the mom's who is very active in the school's PTO program which is like PTA, only non profit. (All this I found out tonight).   Rob and the kids patiently waited for me while we chatted away about the programs and sports available.  I could easily see myself as an active member of the PTO.  Which is funny to me.

Ok so the point for this post was this funny story my husband told me about on the way home.
Apparently while he was waiting for me two little boys were sitting on the couch in front of him. Both playing on tablets he said around 1st or 2nd graders.  Both were playing some kind of skateboard game or something and while he's describing their conversation it's cracking me up so hard.
Boy 1 says to boy2 "I have like "X" amount of points"
Boy 2 " says I don't keep track of points I just play" All the time not looking at each other, just playing their games
Boy 1 then says to boy 2 "Is your brother or sister here for the kindergarden round up?"
Boy2 "Yeah, and I tell ya what, she can't even wipe her own butt, she goes to the bathroom and yells "mommy".

It just cracked me up picturing these two young boys having this grown up conversation, all the while not looking at each other the whole time playing on their tablets. I wished so badly I could have been there to see it. I wonder if this story is as equally funny when you read it??

I don't know.
Anyways, I better get going I've got a midterm to study for!
Love ya's.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Our New Addition

Here's our little Phoebe. 
We bought her last Monday, and I still have to set up an appointment for the vet to make sure she's a healthy girl. 
When I was young we picked out a pup and ended up giving her back after like a couple weeks of having her because of medical conditions, which is sad because you get so attached after a week. 

 Our playful pup, she really is so playful and I love watching her play with the kids. She wanted to chew this bow to bits.

Of course you know now I have to try my hand at animal photography :).

So we bought our little Maltipoo last week, it's been kind of rough this week. She's been super sad to be away from her brothers and sisters and hated being alone. She only wanted to be with me and the kids.  So that made for some pretty restless nights for me and the kids. However, she's getting more used to it. 

I had originally thought I wanted to try and train her on puppy pads because it'd be easier for me but that just wasn't working.  Maybe the first night and then no more. She's been doing well to go outside which is good.  I will be impressed if she starts to tell us when she has to go. I've picked up on her cues already and can tell when she's got to go. I guess that's one positive to being home all the time. And when I keep her in the kitchen she doesn't like going potty there because that's where she sleeps and eats so she'll usually hold it until I let her out, so that's when I have to get her outside.  

She did stay in our living room pretty much the first few days when she's out with us and is now starting to venture out. We try to keep the kids rooms closed but if she gets in there it's kind of funny to see her grab a sock or toy and run out like she's sly or something.

The kids have been so good, I am so impressed. I didn't really know what to expect with the kids and I just envisioned the dog choking to death from something on the floor, but the kids have kept the toys up and tried to keep their doors closed, and will say "NO PHOEBE" all the time.  

Phoebe is really great with them too, she does bite a lot when she plays which we're working on, but she really is careful with the kids and lets Carson and Clara pick her up and put her here and there. We even took her for a ride in Clara's baby doll stroller. 

It's been an adjustment but I think we made a good choice on the puppy to get. Rob would have liked a French Bulldog or something like that but since I'm the one taking care of it all the time I get the final say. I know that Rob fell in love with Phoebs though when we saw her. She was the one dog that wanted spend a little time with all of us. I think she for sure melted Rob's heart because he wasn't opposed to getting her. 

Clara will see Phoebe sleeping on the floor and want to pet her and be like "she's so cute." Carson just loves her too. He likes to bother her too like big brothers do. 
Looking forward to the weekend!! Have a good one!

We took this on the way to see the pup.  Carson was like I want to take a picture with you mommy. Mammas little boy!

Just had to throw a little random photo in there.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates, Updates...

We are getting over being sick here, Carson got sick first then it kind of trickled down from there, lately Carson's been even worse as he seems to have brought home some sort of stomach bug. He's not eating very much now but at least he's not throwing up anymore.

I've been super slothful and lazy and just either seriously sick or seriously lazy. I can never tell because it could have possibly been either or, or both.

I thought I'd make a quick post while I have silence for a moment. Luckily I have been doing well to get my assignments done and haven't felt overwhelmed yet..knock on wood. Well overwhelmed with the quantity but managing my time wisely as to not be overwhelmed? Know what I mean Vern?

I feel like I never get to see my husband and I worry about him so much because he drives around half dead from lack of sleep and by the sound of the quiet upstairs I'd be willing to bet that he fell asleep on the couch.

My weekends are spent thinking of photographs to take for my photography classes and the first assignment I felt really good about, and felt like I understood it and did well, after trying three times, and the last few assignments have just been really hard to get motivated to find things to photograph. It's hard to come up with 18 different photographs, and I want each one to be different and important and special. Maybe I'm an overachiever but hey, I do want to do very well. So tomorrow I will go out and attempt to do something amazing with my little black picture taker.

I have been wanting to post recent photographs because I do take a lot of photos of the kids, and I wonder whether or not to post them at all online now, on FB or anywhere, but I wanted to at least share them on my blog. Not many people read it anymore now that I've been private, and I'm ok with that.

A while back the kids and I did a Valentines day shoot, sort of.
I had a really cute idea in my mind but it never quite works out like I think so...

 The angel photo I posted to Facebook.
 Clara, I like how she's laughing. I wish her fingers weren't in her face
 Carson, cupid himself.
 There she is without the hands
 Just love this little precious girl!

Love my little angels. Hey I know they aren't really angels but they have their moments.

Clara, sometimes has quite the attitude lately, and sometimes it's too funny but then I think of Honey boo boo or that other girl McKenzie on toddlers and tiaras and think sure it might be cute now, but when she's older that attitude will NOT be cute. So I'm trying to nip it in the bud now.

Carson is doing well in pre-school, I've got his forms to register him to Kindergarten and am going Monday to drop it off. My little boy is all grown up. Tear. Going to be busy with trying to find a better school for him to attend and I have everything set up for that so hopefully it will all work out.   When I called to find out info to register Carson they asked if I had a 3 or 4 year old getting ready to go into school and I kind of wasn't ready for that. I said my youngest will be 3 in September and she wanted to know if she could send me paperwork. I was just kind of like wow, time is really flying if they expect me to put Clara into preschool at 3.

Back to Clara being a big girl, she's not potty trained yet, but every time I give her a bath I tell her to try and go pee on the potty and she does. She's like ok, then goes sits down and pees, like she's been doing it everyday. Which is a mystery to me because I've tried to put her in panties before and she's peed all over the floor. So I don't know, maybe she's not quite there, but she knows you go pee in the potty...she'd just rather pee in a diaper.

I know that my husband and I want at least another child, we haven't yet and I think that's been a blessing, because we've got a lot going on, but maybe within the next year if the kids are in school it will work for us? We'll see.

Robert has applied for the school of Architecture for his masters. I keep asking Robert are you sure you want to do that? Because everything I read online about the worst jobs is always architecture right now.  I still don't know if he will do that, but I'm hoping he doesn't get accepted so he can move onto city and regional planning. I kind of feel there might be more opportunity there, but ultimately it's his decision. We'll find out before summer if he gets into the program though.

We're doing pretty good. Busy but at the same time not, cause we're stuck in doors with this crappy weather. I love winter and snow but I really like the summer time too.

Hope everyone is healthier than we've been and enjoys their Valentines with their loved ones!!
Love to all.