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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About time I did this

I've been wanting to do something with all these pictures I take of the kids. A photo book of some sort was my idea. I finally sat down and made a quick little book. I'm not sure if I'm going to give the kids each a copy or let them share. I might just get one and see how they do sharing it. I was trying to use Blurb.com to upload my pictures but I pretty much created the pages all myself in Adobe Illustrator. I am going to have to shop around for printing prices because Blurb charges $32.12. For 20 pages in 5X7 and to me that seems a bit pricey. I know I can get something printed at staples I'm just scared about the quality. If you have input as to affordable prices let me know :) .

I tried not to spend too much time on it cause I have too many other things to do, but it didn't take me very long. I figured I would just do little sketches and doodles and didn't try to be perfect with my drawings because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it.  I love these little pages and can't wait to put it in a book for my kids. I know they will love it.

You can check out what I did below. If you have any questions let me know. I know Adobe Illustrator can be pricey as well, but I know they do free trials for like a month which would be enough time for you to make your own book. You could also create in photoshop. I just like drawing in Illustrator.

My little creative snippet for today! Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

#tbt romance edition!!!

**Dear Followers** I have had to update my domain name as you can tell, will now be http://www.randomliciousmemoirs.com which means I will need to redo my designs. Anywho you may have to update your bloglist? I don't know how it all works this is all so confusing. It took me like 3 days to access this blog. Let me know if you need help! Thanks for reading along!

I almost forgot today was #tbt (throw back Thursday) I wanted to post something each week from mine and my hubbies past until our 6 year anniversary on June 9th. So it will be almost 6 weeks of #tbt posts not 6 because then I would be asking for bad karma am I right??

When I was first getting to know Rob we hung out with the single adults group in my church a lot. We got to know each other through that but what really kicked it up a notch was our road trip to visit some friends in Nashville TN which was about a 2 hour ride. It was then that I found out more about him and realized he loved to stop a lot on road trips where as I just want to get to my destination!

If we didn't stop along the way however, we would never have captured these awesome moments along the way!

These are photos of a photo book I made for my hubby one year. They came out awful but I don't want to dig out the originals right now! 

I love my hubby and his laid back attitude which is what I need most days.  I found out how kind he was and how strong his testimony of Jesus Christ was and how great of a father he would really be.   I love looking back on those times we spent together just getting to know one another.  I look forward to the years ahead getting to know my hubby still and the man he has become and the man he will yet become. 
I love you Rob! 
Love - Your wifey

Me, the teacher.

My kids really do give me some trying days, but I have to say here lately they make up for it with they're silly ways that really crack me up.

Some things I need to remember and journal about are when I was trying to go over the alphabet with the kids. I want my soon to be Kindergartener ready for school and my soon to be preschooler ready for preschool so we are going to have to be diligent in study this summer...somewhat.

I had the kids sing the alphabet by themselves for a piece of candy and my youngest it must have been a while because she just couldn't remember it.  I also wanted them to pronounce the letters correctly so it was pretty funny in particular teaching them the letter V. Which they pronounce B. Ba Ba B. Instead of Va Va V.  It went a little something like this.
ME; "Va"
Them: "Ba"
Me: "Va"
Them "Ba"
Me "vvvvvvv" ( I don't know how to spell that)
Them "vvvv"
Me "Va va vooom"
Them: "Buahhahaahaa"

Clara thought that was so funny and continued to say ba ba boom the rest of the time while I tried to get them to sing the alphabet.  It was quite funny though. I guess that is something you just have to be there to see but it was so funny and hilarious.

Later on we were going over their age and Carson was excited to be turning 5.
I told Clara to say she was 2 it went something like this.

Me: "Say I'm 2"
Clara: "You're 2"
Me: "No, Say I'm 2"
Clara: "You're 2"
Me: "Nooo, Say I'M 2" (laughing a little as I'm realizing why she's saying You're 2)
Clara: (laughing because I'm laughing) "YOU'RE 2"
Me: "Say YOU'RE 2"
Clara: "I'M 2"!!!
I just had to chuckle about that.

Look at these two??   (Cell phone photos...)
I am so in for it with them because its so hard to stay mad at them. But it makes every moment worth it.

I just had to post this. Carson with his laser gun and Clara with her "dress" she calls it but is really her swimsuit but she loves it because of the frilly tutu and if course you can't forget the shoes!! 

Motherhood sure is wonderfully hard but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I'm making it a goal to "tweet". Is that a weird goal?? I'm a nerd anyways so I don't care. Follow me @jfamforlife 😍


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh Poop *Content may not be suited for those that don't like potty talk*

As a lot of you know I have been trying to potty train my 2 year old.   I've recently realized that it's more complicated than I thought because she is holding in her poop now. I don't think she had a problem with it when we weren't potty training. It was just recently I noticed she will have streaks in her pants/undies/pull-ups whatever and she will have it all day long. I will wipe her only a few minutes later to see her wriggling on the floor holding it in again and then have to wipe her all over again.  Its so strange vecause she holds it quite often i will see her drop to the floor and go all stiff leg, she even did it in church. She hasn't had a full bowel movement in a while.  It's very frustrating. Even when I see her doing the cheek squeeze and put her on the potty she won't poo. If anything it's small.

As you can imagine we go through quite a lot of pull-ups. We have quit using undies because it's just happening more frequently now, probably as a result of her holding for so long. I can't imagine how it would hurt and how it would be so uncomfortable if you held your poop for that long. Plus the more she gets wiped the more uncomfortable it is for poopy pants.  As a result it has only made going potty all the more unappealing for my little tot. I may just have to stop the training for a month or two and try later. 

We got her this gentle kids laxative to try and see if that will make her poop. So we'll see how that all works out.  I'm off to work on some laundry!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

*good news of the day my little pup is now potty trained and is doing well to go potty outside. You can follow me on Instagram for pictures of my pup #photogmev * 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

I was thinking that I'd maybe try and post every Thursday until our anniversary something from my husbands and my past. Is that grammatically correct?? I don't know. Whatever. My blog my rules.  Grammar rules do not apply here so if it bugs you, leave.

Anywhozzles, this throwback was from our first date together..where it all began. Once upon a time in a town far far away...ok I'm just kidding.

I can't remember if he knew that I didn't like getting flowers cause they just die or not. But he drew this awesome picture of him holding a rose and he made this frame out of his corduroy pants, isn't that so creative. I think I fell in love with his artistic and creative side after he gave me this.  I was really impressed for our first date.

Then we tried to take a walking tour of Elizabethtown, where I lived except nothing was open and it wasn't much of a tour, but we had a lot of good conversation and laughs.  Made for some great memories!

Love my husband!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

A little breakfast conversation....

My kids continuously make me laugh, which is a good thing because I am with them all day. Can you imagine if they weren't any fun?

Yesterday my son and I were eating breakfast and I was making different silly faces at him just to see what his response would be. His reaction was to make silly faces back at me of course. This went on for a little bit, us being silly back and forth. It made for a pretty funny breakfast.

I guess I should add that usually my son has breakfast at preschool but the last few days I've kept him home. I'm thinking about just keeping him here since his school will be out for summer in a few weeks anyways.  So this is why we've had some pretty fun breakfasts. My daughter is usually sleeping since she likes to sleep in and just lay in her bed when she wakes up.

My son is the early riser and it's been nice to eat with him in the mornings just the two of us.
So this morning we were chatting and I was asking him if he minded staying home and not going to preschool for the summer. He said he didn't mind and continued to tell me that some of the kids in his class are annoying. I tried to ask what the kids did that made them annoying and he said one of the kids made sounds all day with his mouth.  I thought it was interesting that one of the things the kids in his class did that was annoying is the same thing that I see Carson do. I'm like "you do that".  Hmm??

Then I was talking about Carson's new school where he will be going to in August. Carson said "I like that school, it has cool jackets". I guess the one thing he remembered from our visit to his new school was the school clothing?? Go figure.

I then went on to tell him all the fun things he would learn throughout the day. I had to throw in there not to get near a strangers car or ever get in someone else's car. Next we got on the subject of transportation somehow. I told him he may ride the bus every now and then and he then replied "Mommy, are you going to be the bus driver?" I guess it was the way he said it that really made me chuckle out loud. I couldn't help picturing myself as a bus driver and being that responsible for other peoples children.  I guess my son didn't understand why I thought that was so funny because it was a legitimate question, you could tell by his facial expressions. I just said no, I will have to stay home with Clara because she couldn't come with me on the bus.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!