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Friday, August 9, 2013

Letters for Friday

I've been wanting to link up this post somewhere but I can't remember the blog for it. I suppose I'll find it sometime.


Dear Blogger, Why can't I search topics and subjects? I feel like I should be able to look at blogs, but I don't know how. Only ones I've found through blog hopping and half the times on my reader I can't remember which blog is which.  I should be able to search for posts. I can't find other bloggy mom's or funny bloggers I might want to read. Or meme's I might want to join. I think you should work on a search option. Call me, when I'm finished with web design classes.

Dear Dublin,
You want to hire my husband, you need to hire my husband. He will be amazing!!! Give him a chance.

Dear Carson,
You started your first week in Kindergarten and I'm so proud of you! You make mommies eyes well up with tears when I see your shining happy face. I miss you during the day but am so happy to see all the things you've learned and the fun things you've gotten to do during the day. We love you and can't wait to spend the weekend with you. P.S you have to be good remember, or no library tomorrow. Love, mom.

Dear husband,
I love you so much! This hard time we're going through makes me love you even more. You are the most amazing man I've ever known and I am lucky to be able to share my life with you.

Dear blog friends,
I will be starting school myself soon and I don't know how much time I have for blogging but I hope I can get back into the swing of things! Here's hoping!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have a kindergartener!

I meant to post yesterday while the day was still fresh in my mind but I got busy and tired and watched Dr. Who.

Yesterday was my son's first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited he kept telling everyone at church the day before he was starting school.  Except he would say "I'm going to school" was all he would manage to get out. 

He didn't mind going to bed around 7:30 and I believe was out before my 2 year old. He knew when he went to sleep and woke up it'd be time for school

So I set my alarm for 5:30  6:00 AM. I could not sleep. My husband went into work for a few hours and everything was running through my mind. I bet I only got 1-2 hours of sleep tops. So when I finally fell asleep around 4 I hit my snooze button til 6:00AM.  At that point I had an internal conversation with myself, Vanessa, it's 6:00 you need to leave at 7:00,  that leaves you an hour to get everyone up fed and dressed, WAKE UP! So out of bed I rolled.

After I got myself ready I went into Carson's room to wake him.  "Carson, time to wake up, time for school".  After he processed what I was saying he woke up and had a huge smile on his face all the way to his morning bathroom break. It was too cute.  

My husband fixed him a frozen waffle with peanut butter and a banana for an extra hearty meal.  My husband didn't get much sleep either after working a few hours that night/morning but he really wanted to be there for Carson's first day which I was happy for.  Clara rolled out of bed sometime after and we got ready.
Before we left I had to take those monumental 1st day photos. 

     I love how the whole family was involved.

I left the house at 7:00 it takes about 15 min to get there, but it worked out good because when we got there they were letting the kids go to their classes.  

This fuzzy face shot says it all as we were walking to his classroom. Reality setting in..nerves.  He looked quite scared as apposed to how happy he was getting ready for it.  I don't blame him, new school new kids, a lot of new kids. New teacher and a very long day. 

Finally sitting in his seat. 
We hugged him outside his class before we left and said our goodbyes. He hugged Clara for a really long time. I knew he was going to miss her so much! Best friends who play together every day.  It almost broke my heart!  We all were going to miss him.  But I got a little glossy eyed and then tried to think of something else so I didn't lose my cool.  Bye see you soon.  Lets go now! 
He went and sat in his seat as we left. 

The day seemed to go by fast I got to read a lot with my little girl and make her lunch. She also got to get a good nap since she isn't used to getting up so early.  We went to pick up Carson and there were so many parents there.

The teacher walked Carson down the stairs to me and I thought oh no what happened, what did he do cause no other teachers were walking down with the kids. I also noticed big grass stains on his new khaki pants.  She said "He goes to the bathroom a lot".  It kind of threw me off guard. I kind of know this about my child he doesn't always go potty a lot just sometimes.  I notice if he's nervous or excited he will. Maybe he just pees a little at a time I don't know.  So I didn't really know what to say about that. If a kid has to go pee can't you just let him go?  I'm like ok I'll have a talk with him.  I don't know what to do? I haven't noticed him peeing every half hour at home like she says he was.  Maybe I'll take him to the doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong?  I don't know.  I'm sure it doesn't make her day easy but she's going to have to figure it out.  She said she had to tell him no a couple times but was worried he would wet himself. I asked did he do well to hold it when you asked him? She said yes, so I don't know. Maybe he just needs to get used to the day?

On the walk to our car which was a couple parking lots over Carson was sad he couldn't ride the busses. I assured him he would ride it next week. He was dragging his feet and I could tell extremely exhausted from the day.  The excitedness had worn off he had seen familiar mom and was really sluggish.   He said "it's so far to the car" "I'm tired".    I enjoyed hearing about the stories of his day, but it sounded like he didn't make the best choices. He mentioned another boy whom he called his best friend in school and said he was making him be bad. I tried to explain no one can make you do anything, you make you're own choices. I think I need to do better on that though. 

When we got home I opened his backpack and learned he hadn't eaten the sandwich or the strawberries I packed. He did eat the pudding and drank the capri sun and had a few carrots. I don't know how he made it through the day.  He said "Mom, the teacher said we could save our lunch".  I'm sure with the excitedness of lunch time he probably was more concerned with chatting with friends than eating. 

It was a good first day for him. I am looking forward to going through this with him. I feel it will be a long adjustment period for him.  Going mon-fri should help him get adjusted maybe within a few weeks maybe a month? Who knows.  

For now we'll take it one day at a time!