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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thoughts on the Government today...

When our forefathers created the Constitution "The two groups (federalists and anti-federalists) fiercely disagreed more over means than ends, however.  Both sides, for the most part, acknowledged that a stronger national authority was needed and that such an authority required an independent source of revenue to function properly.  Both sides were convinced that the people must erect safeguards against tyranny, even the tyranny of the majority."

" The losers in the debate-the anti-federalists- graciously accepted defeat; they did not resort to violence, and many of them went on to become prominent leaders in the federal government: James Monroe became the fifth president; George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry became vice presidents; and Samuel Chase served on the Supreme Court." 
-(America A narrative History -George Brown Tindall & David Emory Shi  9th EditionVol1 
W.E Norton & Company Inc)

I find we can learn a lot today from our history. Our President can learn a lot from our history, our congress will do well to remember our forefathers.  Highlighted in red I find most interesting "Both sides were convinced that the people must erect safeguards against tyranny, even the tyranny of the majority". Shouldn't that be the same today?  Tyranny is defined as cruel and oppressive government or rule. Isn't the government inflicting hardship and constraint on the citizens?  

Sure everything wasn't perfect in the early Americas. Slavery in the South was prominent and women didn't have a voice.  We have come so far.  I think we can learn however from this debate in creating the constitution.  When Congress "Shuts down" the government and causes government workers to go without pay while they continue to get paid lets hope they remember the American people. That a stronger national authority is needed.

My own opinion is that Obamacare should be repealed.  If it isn't helping and is causing more problems it isn't needed, plain and simple. If congress or the president doesn't want to have Obamacare as their healthcare than it shouldn't be forced upon the American people either.  Why is there an argument about this? To me it seems clear and simple. Why does the government need to shutdown?

The President has said he won't agree or allow Obamacare to be held for one year? Even if congress writes a bill to repeal Obamacare he won't sign it. The senate won't approve it?  That sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship than anything to me. He seems to get what he wants whether the american people agree or not.  The whole government needs a house cleaning because this country, the American people are of no interest to them anymore.

I just have to shake my head.