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Friday, January 31, 2014

I've taken steroids...

So the steroids I've taken aren't the illegal body building steroids but rather legal steroids to help develop babies lungs.  I had to get two injections within a 24 hour period. I thought no big deal go in, get a shot, be done. Yesterday I went in for my first injection and I couldn't look at the needle. I can never look when they are going to use needles, but I thought it should be like any other shot right? Wrong!  She injected me in my gluteus maximus and once she started to squeeze the syringe it was like OH MY GOSH! Burning, pinching and it didn't stop as she kept releasing the syringe.  I teared up and almost balled like a little baby in front of the nurse and my 3 year old daughter, who sweetly said "Are you ok mommy"? I just answered in a shaky voice "I'm ok".   It was kind of shock like I wasn't expecting that!! I've had epidurals that didn't hurt as bad.

Imagine how reluctant I was to go into the DR to get my second injection today! I was dreading it so much! I had to take my 5 year old and my 3 year old with me today since my son is off from school.  My sweet boy who knew I was getting a shot left the room as soon as the nurse pulled out the syringe. I hate watching my kids get shots so I knew how he felt.  Same pain this time but at least it goes away after walking for a bit and I'm done.  Good grief!

I thought they were trying to say that I get more injections in two weeks and I'm like NO! The doctor said that was it! I felt like such a baby!

We probably didn't have to do the injections but since it wasn't going to harm baby or me and only help ensure the lungs are more developed we went ahead and did it.

Yesterday while my daughter and I were relaxing we had a very sweet unexpected visit from a friend in the ward who brought us a sweet gift. She is pregnant around the same time as me and having a much harder pregnancy so imagine how humbled I felt to receive a gift from her, and for her to take time out of her day to bring us goodies and say hi.  Some of my favorite things by the way hot chocolate and those soup mugs.  Clara squealed "Big tea cups! Can we have a tea party!" She wanted to drink hot chocolate right away and so did I!  We enjoyed it so much!
Here she is with her fish face...

Funny story, when I got back home from my church meeting Carson was explaining how he got poop in his underwear while he was at school. So I'm explaining to him he needs to poop in the potty at school if he feels like he has to. He doesn't want to be smelling like poop all day.
Our conversation was as follows:

"Why don't you just ask to use the bathroom?
"Mommy it's a rule that I don't poop in the school bathroom."
"Who's rule? The Teachers rule?"
"No mommy, not the teachers rule, just MY rule."

I just have to laugh because I know people who are like that, won't poop at work or school or even use public restrooms, but seriously if you've gotta go, you gotta go.

It is so interesting seeing the type of person that he is becoming and his little quirks and things he prefers and doesn't prefer.

Other news, job news.
The day after I posted the first Pregnancy # 3 post and explained my husband had a second interview in North Dakota they called and told him they had already offered the job to someone else and cancelled his interview and travel plans.

It's bad because I'm kind of relieved. I really did not want to move to North Dakota if he got the job. Of course, I would because we pretty much have no choice, but I'm still relieved. I feel like there is something else in store for us. I know my husband was really bummed and so that stinks. He was really looking forward to going.

It just really stinks for him that he graduated and has been looking for a job since June of last year, and it's that hard to find a job. It's not like we are being picky either, North Dakota for crying out loud!

So the job search continues...all over.
Prayers and fasting will ensue.

And if you didn't check out my post yesterday you should because I have a hilarious clip that makes me LOL I wanted to share with everyone! RIGHT HERE ------>  Crying will make you lactate.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I hear it's supposed to warm up! SO YAY!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crying will make you lactate.

I can't sleep. My stomach feels hard and weird, like baby is curled tightly into a ball.

Braxton hicks started earlier this pregnancy. Along with some more intense contractions tonight.  I just keep thinking please be healthy as I nudge her and try to get her to move in my belly.   After a few nudges I feel a push back or some rolling around.  Maybe she's sleeping happily and wants me to leave her alone and go to sleep.  But after waking now I can't get comfortable enough to sleep. 

The baby app says I'm 35 weeks today. I thought I was 34?? I can't tell with this app.  I can't wait to have an ultrasound done wed and see just how big she is. I don't know why I feel like my body is already getting ready for labor. 

Random funny and maybe tmi for those who don't have children. 
What was that movie where a man was baby crying to a new mom just to see her lactate in front of him? This scene just played in my mind tonight as my son screamed and wailed at the top of his lungs tonight.  He was upset because he lost tv privelidges for bad behavior. As I was leaving his room to let him calm down I noticed a little wetness in my top.  
It made me laugh a little as that one scene ran through my mind...does anyone know what I'm talking about?!   I'm gonna have to google that.  But they say you will lactate when a baby cries. I don't know where I heard that. Haha.

UPDATE:: I just remembered what it was. Kevin from The Office tries to get Pam to lactate. It's hilarious!

That's enough for now I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Steroid injection #1 early in the morning today.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I first want to say that after I wrote that woe is me post yesterday I quickly felt guilty because I know that I am not the only one going through a rough time. I am aware that others go through worse things everyday and others maybe have been in the same situation I am now or will be at one point or another in their lives.

I just felt an overwhelming out pour of love from my friends and family and I am truly blessed and grateful. It's something I wasn't expecting as I explained a little about our struggles lately but one I am truly thankful for! It helps to know that I am not alone, so much words can't even express.

So thank you for your support as we move forward into this next phase of our lives, whatever, whenever, and wherever it is.

I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I have something called Cholestasis of Pregnancy.  My last doctors appointment I explained I'd been itching a lot more than normal. I mean, I understand as you're belly grows there is some itching but I was itching like a lot on my hands and feet too. After googling the itching I thought it might be worth telling my doc so she thought we better test to see. My blood levels were high on the test they took, basically saying I have this Cholestasis.   I love my doctor because she is thorough and listens and treats me as if I am the only patient she has.

So you can click on that and find out what exactly it is. Basically we are going to have to deliver at 37 weeks which is just in 4 weeks.  I will take some steroid shots this week to develop babies lungs and then they will continue to monitor baby and heartbeat twice a week. Around Feb 20th we will see where we are and determine which day we are to deliver.  The doctor just threw out the 25th of Feb as a tentative possibility so we can start getting everything ready.

Meanwhile, I will take medicine that should help with the cholestasis and itching and everything. There shouldn't be any harm to me or baby and my liver should go back to normal once baby is born.  I just want a healthy baby and hopefully everything will go ok. There can be complications but I'm hoping that's not the case.  Luckily there isn't that much time left but it will basically be treated as a high risk pregnancy from here on out.

Such a strange thing because the other pregnancies were just fine with no complications.  Any other pregnancies after this will probably have the same result.

I am kind of excited to deliver early as long as baby is healthy. I kind of felt like if my husband got a job he would probably have to be there soon and so this timeframe would work out better having the baby earlier.

So that's what's going on so far. I will update with any new news because I feel like the next few months will be big changes for us.  If nothing else a new little one to take care of for sure.  I am very excited to meet this little bundle, and I hope the kids are excited. It's hard to know exactly how they will react until the baby is here but it's exciting to think about.

Thanks again for your prayers and support! We love you all!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pregnancy # 3

Good morning blog world.

I'm going back to the OB today. I wasn't supposed to go in until feb 5, but my bloodwork came back high so the doctor wants to see me and take more bloodwork. She will explain what is going on the nurse says. 

I'm 33 weeks pregnant I believe. 6 weeks left to go. This baby is measuring 3 weeks early which means big baby again.  
My 2nd was 9lbs. Hopefully they will induce me if she's too big. 

So this pregnancy I've been more stressed than ever with our life circumstances. If I had the choice I wouldn't have picked right now to be pregnant. My husband is desperately seeking a job to support us. Meanwhile, bills keep piling up and I don't even know if we will be moving in a month or not. I don't know if we will be moving into a smaller place or out of state. You can imagine how stressful all this can be with being this pregnant. Worrying about packing which we haven't done. 

I'm also in school full time. Luckily it's all online, but thinking about everything and how I'm going to do schoolwork stresses me out to the max! Not to mention my kindergartener needs extra attention with schoolwork because as it stands he will not be advancing to 1st grade. So the school says. I feel this would be worse for him to hold him back and I don't see what holding him back would change anyway. He's still going to struggle with the same things. 

So taking care of my two little ones while all this is transpring is trying to say the least.  My husband who has been as helpful and as supportive as he can be has been wonderful, but I sometimes feel alone. He is focusing on work and trying to find a job and I wouldn't have it any other way because it's what we need right now.  It seems like I don't have the right to feel this way with everything going on but it's hard not to.

I just keep looking forward to the end of the year...when I will be almost done with my degree, the baby will be born and we will hopefully be in a better place.  It's enduring this hardship that is so difficult right now.

So, with all this it's no surprise to me my bloodwork is coming back high.  I've felt more run down and just tired. Of course I have had a nasty cold/sickness to go with everything that really just ruined my appetite and energy and everything these last two weeks.

I am feeling good movement from baby girl so I am confident that everything is happy in her little bubble sac.  I can endure this pregnancy, sadly it's the least of my worries. 

Husband will be leaving me this weekend for a second job interview in North Dakota.  I told him I hope they are serious about you cause it's no easy thing for you to up and leave your pregnant wife with kids for 4 days and travel that far! Especially with this weather!  

Anyway so many what ifs going on. I hate that, I'm the type of person that wants to know the plan. I need to have some sort of plan of action otherwise I'm a mess.  

Better get these kids fed. Our story...
To be continued.....