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I've taken steroids...

So the steroids I've taken aren't the illegal body building steroids but rather legal steroids to help develop babies lungs.  I had to get two injections within a 24 hour period. I thought no big deal go in, get a shot, be done. Yesterday I went in for my first injection and I couldn't look at the needle. I can never look when they are going to use needles, but I thought it should be like any other shot right? Wrong!  She injected me in my gluteus maximus and once she started to squeeze the syringe it was like OH MY GOSH! Burning, pinching and it didn't stop as she kept releasing the syringe.  I teared up and almost balled like a little baby in front of the nurse and my 3 year old daughter, who sweetly said "Are you ok mommy"? I just answered in a shaky voice "I'm ok".   It was kind of shock like I wasn't expecting that!! I've had epidurals that didn't hurt as bad.

Imagine how reluctant I was to go into the DR to get my second inject…

Crying will make you lactate.

I can't sleep. My stomach feels hard and weird, like baby is curled tightly into a ball.

Braxton hicks started earlier this pregnancy. Along with some more intense contractions tonight.  I just keep thinking please be healthy as I nudge her and try to get her to move in my belly.   After a few nudges I feel a push back or some rolling around.  Maybe she's sleeping happily and wants me to leave her alone and go to sleep.  But after waking now I can't get comfortable enough to sleep. 
The baby app says I'm 35 weeks today. I thought I was 34?? I can't tell with this app.  I can't wait to have an ultrasound done wed and see just how big she is. I don't know why I feel like my body is already getting ready for labor. 
Random funny and maybe tmi for those who don't have children.  What was that movie where a man was baby crying to a new mom just to see her lactate in front of him? This scene just played in my mind tonight as my son screamed and wailed at the…


I first want to say that after I wrote that woe is me post yesterday I quickly felt guilty because I know that I am not the only one going through a rough time. I am aware that others go through worse things everyday and others maybe have been in the same situation I am now or will be at one point or another in their lives.

I just felt an overwhelming out pour of love from my friends and family and I am truly blessed and grateful. It's something I wasn't expecting as I explained a little about our struggles lately but one I am truly thankful for! It helps to know that I am not alone, so much words can't even express.

So thank you for your support as we move forward into this next phase of our lives, whatever, whenever, and wherever it is.

I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I have something called Cholestasis of Pregnancy.  My last doctors appointment I explained I'd been itching a lot more than normal. I mean, I understand as you're belly grows ther…

Pregnancy # 3

Good morning blog world.

I'm going back to the OB today. I wasn't supposed to go in until feb 5, but my bloodwork came back high so the doctor wants to see me and take more bloodwork. She will explain what is going on the nurse says. 
I'm 33 weeks pregnant I believe. 6 weeks left to go. This baby is measuring 3 weeks early which means big baby again.   My 2nd was 9lbs. Hopefully they will induce me if she's too big. 
So this pregnancy I've been more stressed than ever with our life circumstances. If I had the choice I wouldn't have picked right now to be pregnant. My husband is desperately seeking a job to support us. Meanwhile, bills keep piling up and I don't even know if we will be moving in a month or not. I don't know if we will be moving into a smaller place or out of state. You can imagine how stressful all this can be with being this pregnant. Worrying about packing which we haven't done. 
I'm also in school full time. Luckily it's a…