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My happy place/list

OMG I'm so late in linking up and this post is forever long, but what can I say? I'm a happy person!!

Linking up again withMama's Losin It!

I had this thought and feeling a couple weeks ago when I took a selfie with all of my children
Then after I took a couple more photos of all the kids together  I've always had a happy feeling, but I guess I just had an overwhelming feeling of joy after looking at these pictures.  It's kind of interesting and I don't know if I'll be able to explain fully but when I had one child it was a beautiful thing, having three children is just such an amazing feeling. Each one is different and unique and beautiful. To be a mother and to love so much something you never dreamed possible these three small beings entrusted into mine and my husbands care.  We love each one specially and equally.  It's truly the one thing that makes me the happiest in this world. 
Some of these pictures will show you just how happy they make me! He…

You're Fired!

Today's post I decided to link up with Mama's Losin it, Pretty Much Famous writers workshop.
She comes up with topics to write about and you link up your stories.

The writing  I chose is "have you ever been fired?"
My very first job was breadstick girl at Fazolies. I probably only got that job because my older, overly energetic brother worked there.  Yes, I was the one who carried breadsticks in the basket and brought them around table to table in the dining room.  The best part of that job as a chubby girl was getting to eat those breadsticks.
Sometime after that I followed my older brother again to a new job at Steak 'n Shake as a waitress.   I was a terrible waitress. I wasn't quick, I was really shy, I really hated being a waitress. I got spare change for tips all the time. I never wanted to wait tables. Customers would walk in and I would let the other waitresses take the tables because I didn't want to do it.  I couldn't suck up or banter with t…

Starting the week right!

After a much needed spiritually filled General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Please go here if you would like more info or to see General Conference for yourself) I am starting my Monday right! 

If you follow me on Instagram, or instascram as my husband likes to call it (Drives me nuts) you saw that I worked out this morning on Amazon Prime to Jillian Michaels.  Before that, I found a dance workout to step up revolution which looked pretty cool so I gave it a try. 
I wanna know why they teach you dance moves and then 1000 moves later expect you to remember the very first thing that they taught you. After the first dance I was like ok I can do this, it's fun, then they move onto the second dance, moving onto the third dance, I'm like yea I'm not going to remember anything else, this isn't fun anymore. So I pretty much gave up after the 3rd dance.  I did enjoy learning dance moves though, in the beginning.  Who knows maybe the more I …

This weeks 5 pictures/thoughts! Linky Party

I'm super excited to link up with Emmymom today. I have wanted to post something but really wasn't sure what, so now I have something to join in with. Friday 5, 5 pictures and thoughts from the week. It was a lot harder than I thought coming up with 5 but here they are.

1. My baby girl Lola Rose. I tried to take super cute photos of her in this crochet ladybug thing my mother in law made her except she wasn't having it and the lighting was way too bright. I should have waited a couple hours, but I didn't want to, so I have this one photo. One day I will try again!

2. So excited that I made an appointment to get my hair done to look just like hers. I wish that I could make an appointment to look like her also, but my hair will do for now. I really love it and want some nice highlights for summer! I can't wait for summer.

3. A project for my midterm I completed this week. UGH not the best but good grief I'm so glad I'm done with that assignment. The semester…