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Thursday, April 10, 2014

You're Fired!

Today's post I decided to link up with Mama's Losin it, Pretty Much Famous writers workshop.
She comes up with topics to write about and you link up your stories.

The writing  I chose is "have you ever been fired?"

My very first job was breadstick girl at Fazolies. I probably only got that job because my older, overly energetic brother worked there.  Yes, I was the one who carried breadsticks in the basket and brought them around table to table in the dining room.  The best part of that job as a chubby girl was getting to eat those breadsticks.

Sometime after that I followed my older brother again to a new job at Steak 'n Shake as a waitress.   I was a terrible waitress. I wasn't quick, I was really shy, I really hated being a waitress. I got spare change for tips all the time. I never wanted to wait tables. Customers would walk in and I would let the other waitresses take the tables because I didn't want to do it.  I couldn't suck up or banter with the customers, my brother was really good at that. Not me. I was terrible at making change, if I got nervous or shy it was that much harder for me to think. If a customer was angry and got mad at me I couldn't just smile and take it. All of this combined made me a terrible waitress!

Technically, I didn't get fired however the manager did come up to me and say we would like you to try making the shakes in the back. Basically it was something like make shakes or you can't work here anymore. I guess I was that terrible. They probably only gave me that option because they really loved my brother. There are some people that are just really good at serving and I am not that person.  It doesn't bother me either, I'm not good at everything.

Don't feel bad for me because soon after that I found the job for me working in retail at Afterthoughts in the mall. Claire's jewelry store has since bought out Afterthoughts but I just loved working in retail. It was my favorite job. I got free jewelry sometimes when it was old, I got to see everything going on in the mall, and I got to chat and handle merchandise all day.  That job was a shopaholics dream and I was in heaven.   So everything worked out the way that it should have in the end!


Kathy said...

I could never be a waitress either. I know that a lot of people look down their noses at waitstaff in restaurants but that is a really tough job that so many of us could never do. The good ones have my respect. I worked in retail when I was younger and it was great work at the time. I'm not sure that I would have enough patience to deal with the public now though since I tend to develop a twitch in crowded stores.

kelley jensen said...

I wouldn't like being a waitress either, I'm glad your other job worked out. Thanks for stopping by. kelley at the road goes ever ever on

Jerralea said...

Sorry you hated being a waitress so much but glad it all ended well.

I think it is a good thing for teens to try different jobs. They learn what they like to do, and definitely what they don't!

Mama Kat said...

This made me laugh, oh my gosh I DEFINITELY would have been in the back making milkshakes with you! I love that the demotion from waiting tables was milkshake making. And I love the visual of the breadstick server chowing down on leftover bread sticks. I would have joined you on that too!

Nancy said...

I loved being a waitress! One of the best jobs i ever had. And the highest paying. I gurss I'm a good shmoozer. Lol