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Ch Ch Changes.........

I have said before that there is probably a song to go with every life situation, and a song usually comes to mind when I think of certain times.  For instance an ex boyfriend "Bugaboo" by destiny's child.   Or a spat with a friend "I Ain't no Holla Back girl" Gwen Stephanie.

With our life right now I just thought of this song, CH Ch Changes by David Bowie, however when I read the lyrics and actually listened to the song it sounds like someone is going through puberty and that's a little different then the changes we're going through... If you feel so inclined to listen to that song I'll leave it down below. Anyway you get the point right?

Finals are done! WAHOO, For this semester.  I start school again in a couple weeks for the summer semester. I was hoping to take the summer off and finish in the fall however I have to take one prerequisite so I'm doing summer classes cause I'm ready to be done with this mess. I just want to finish in …