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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cool boys backpacks for 2014-2015

Since we've moved I haven't had a chance to blog about anything new. I filmed a few videos of the kids but haven't gotten around to editing them or look through them. Life is busy right now since I'm in school, I will give a huge Sigh of relief when it is over.

Speaking of school, my little man will be going to first grade in a new school this year and it got me to looking for backpacks for him. Of course I have to shop online because the only stores close to my home are Walmart, not that there is anything wrong with Walmart, but you get what I mean.

So I decided to show you my top picks,  my son's top picks (keep in mind he just turned 6), and just some pretty cool ones I found to sport for school this year.  In searching online, it was hard to find a post of the top bags,  hence I decided to make my own.

I give you our favorite boys back to school backpack picks for 2014-2015 school year:

This armadillo helmet is really cool, however $245 is really pricey for most people. I just thought this was a pretty inventive backpack.  You can probably buy it here or it will take you to another link that you can buy it from.

What little boy wouldn't love an angry birds backpack? This one reminds me of those 80's pouches (maybe lisa frank) with the colored water and glitter inside, pretty cool. This backpack however does not have water inside.  Pretty reasonable price from target here.

Of course a pretty neat textured spiderman backpack. Found from Target Here

My son loves skylanders so he picked this one. Found here

My son and I both agree on this backpack. I like that it isn't a superhero or licensed character and it just looks cool and reasonably priced also from Target here

This was my mommy top pick, of course I don't think my son would ever pick this one out of all the cool character themed bags, but I like it from Jcrew. Here.

Amazon's bags seem pretty pricey to me, but this lego bag my son loved. Possibly pricey because it's a 3D bag. Here.

Also found on Amazon, this padded Batman bag is my favorite for a little boy and my son loves it. I like the defined muscles on the bag.  I think for the price it isn't too bad because it comes with a lunchbox and pencils pictured. I think for all of that it's probably pretty reasonable. Here.

$34.99 from target, this is a pretty neat backpack. Here.  I also found another link that has a similar looking backpack for $49.99 here. Superheroden.com.  It includes two ninja masks and some weapons, if you want your child to have the weapons.

This Despicable me 2 bag my son wants. I thought it was interesting because he's always been obsessed with superheros. It does match his silly personality because minions are silly and funny. I also like the price. Found at Amazon Here.

My son wants this minion lunchbox found on Amazon here.   I want to know why a lunchbox is $60. Does it include a week of free school lunches? I doubt we will be buying this but it's a shame because some of the comments I read people bought it for $15.00 so I don't know what is the cause of the price spike. 

Another bag I thought was cute that isn't a boy bag, but just had to share. Super cute from Target Here
I'm not sure of the size but it is a toddler girls bag so it's probably on the smaller size great for a preschooler. 

So those are our favorites. We are excited for the school year. I think this year Carson's school won't have uniforms so I get to go clothes shopping...yippee (Sarcastic yippee).  

A Couple Tips For those entering school:

I will say I realized last year that he tore up his backpack, while it did last the whole year (barely) it was really rough afterward, so I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a bag.

 I may even go to goodwill for clothes because we bought tons of chino pants that after a couple wears would come home with holes in them mostly pants from old navy & target, my two favorites stores sad to say.  If you're going to buy uniform pants I would shell out the money for the nicer pants definitely. My mom bought us some ralph laurens boy dress pants from JC penny that are still holding up really well. 

Also the lunchbox we didn't use very much though I probably only spent $10 on one from Old Navy. Kindergartners are easy because they don't understand cool yet and don't really care. By the end of the school year we barely even sent my son to school with a lunch sad to say. It was just so much easier to get school lunches and we qualified for free lunches, so I would suggest filling out the free lunch form whether you think you qualify or not. Free is always wonderful, especially if you have more than one child in school!

Anyone else looking forward to school this year?!
Take care, lots of love and lots of pictures!!