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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birthdays, birthdays and even more birthdays!

My little girl turned 4 this weekend.
I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. From this wee little babe..
 To this little sassafras

Since my husband just got out of college and is in his first job, we really were worried about how we could make this birthday special for our little girl, or at least I was. With Carson our oldest we learned a couple of things as new parents. 

1. When we threw him big parties for his first few birthdays we set the bar really high for future siblings birthdays. 

2. older son expects big birthdays. 

3. If you can get away with a small birthday do it! And start now.

We just couldn't do a big party and invite all the cousins like we usually do. So we stayed home and we tried to make it fun and exciting and I think we did a good job.  This year with our move, older son didn't get a big party either and we may just continue on this tradition, cause I happen to like it. 

Just like my older son we decorated the outside of her room. (I'm gonna have to post about his birthday) It was busy this summer with moving and everything.

 My daughter loves Lalaloopsy, and I'm talking crazy love, wants all of them which would cost a fortune to collect love. So we tried to keep with a lalaloopsy theme. 
I made these cute little tassels I've always wanted to make and hung them from the doorways

 We made cute little buttons out of paper plates from the dollar store and Walmart. And all of these decorations I did get mostly from The actual dollar store, not the ones that claim to be dollar stores and really nothing is a dollar there. I think it was Family Dollar. 

 She was all too happy to pose for me. I actually caught her just standing in the hallway a couple of times loving the decorations, she said "it's so beautiful". 
 I dug through my fabric stash I had bought when Clara was a babe and decided I wanted to make her a Lalaloopsy inspired skirt. Unfortunately I am not very good at making patterns or know how to sew outfits, but I think I did pretty good considering that fact. She loved it . I made her that button headband and we put little pony tails in her hair. 

The top layer I did a circle skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric of the rest of the layers to do circle skirts as I would have liked. The ribbon trim helped to make it look more polished. 
I wanted to make cupcakes for Clara's preschool class. Older son's birthday is during summer and I never got to send him with cupcakes to school. So, I made these cute cupcakes. I tried mixing the frosting and it turned out really well. 
 While making the second batch of cupcakes for the park with friends I realized I doubled the butter and stuff for the preschool batch but I didn't double the sugar, so something didn't taste right with those. It was still good although really buttery. I think the kids liked it anyway.

This was my second batch with pink and purple frosting and my first time trying rose decorated frosting. So fun. I wish I had a bigger tip, it was kinda small.  If you want to know my frosting recipe you can find it here on my (update: it's obviously not MY recipe, I got it off the internet, but you can find it here) Pinterest board. Really yummy butter cream. 
So her school party was Thursday and Friday on her actual birthday we met with friends at a local park. 
Luckily we made some really great friends so far here and the kids get along with the other kids so well and I was happy Clara got to have fun with friends. When we moved here I found out I knew a couple from the singles ward I used to go to in Lexington. So it's cool to see their kids and our kids hanging out together. 

We did travel a little bit to my parents house for my dad's 60th birthday. His birthday is the day before Clara's and we had to go and see him. We actually celebrated both of their birthdays. Clara got to open her favorite present something she's wanted for so long. The Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid. 

 Can you tell Carson looks a little excited about it too. The kids watch the youtube toy videos and this is a favorite. 
 Our yummy ice cream cake. We also celebrated my birthday which is this week, my dad's and clara's and my sister in laws birthday which is also this month.  

 The kids hadn't seen my brothers kids in so long, I wanna say since maybe last year. They were having fun together.
 Love to see them having fun.

Overall it was a successful birthday and Clara had a great birthday weekend. We all had a good time. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Primary 6: Lesson 30 David and Bathsheba handout

Good morning,

I thought it would be fun to create a little handout my kids could take home with them. Something to remind them what we went over in the lesson as well as how they can study the lesson and what they can do at home.

My hope is for the kids in my class to either put this on their wall or in their journals to remember this important lesson.

Click on the image and you should be able to print the image, or download the PDF file on the link below or here, have it printed and give to your children.

Download PDF Here

Have a wonderful Week!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily Reminders and Goals. Free Printable!

 One night, I thought to myself: Self, I need a daily reminder of the things that I should be doing..

I put pen and marker to paper and had fun with it. Later I took said paper to the computer and came up with an awesome print that I printed out at Walmart for about $13 bucks and now hangs in our hallway.  This serves as a daily reminder for me and my family to keep these important priorities numero uno. 

I decided to share so if you'd like to download a copy the sizes are 16X20 and you can click a jpg or pdf. These links will take you to the google doc and you can download there.  I don't think Walmart uploads the pdf files, but other online print companies like MPIX will. 

Here is my finished product, please excuse the glare from the lights and flash. 

@copyright property of Vanessa-Marie Photography and Design. 

Free for personal use and not for profit only.

This is hopefully just the first of many fun printables to come!Probably more after school is over.

Have a wonderful Weekend!   


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's outfit

Today's outfit took way too long to get ready. She is only in preschool.

What do you do when you know your child won't be able to wear certain clothes for much longer?
For example those darling boots from Target this summer, the largest size they had and she won't be fitting in them next summer.  That dress is also pretty tight squeeZe, I had to get her wearing it before she couldn't anymore. She has white dance shorts underneath which I love for shorter skirts or dresses enabling her to wear dresses longer. I have tall kids. 

Dress from little hands on Amazon.com
Undershorts from Zullily. A dance clothing company I can't even read the label she's worn them so much. 
Floral ankle boots :target toddler section