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Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Days til Christmas?! What the What?! Our week before Christmas.

Does anyone else feel like Christmas just came so fast this year?  We put up our tree early this year a few weeks before Thanksgiving because it just felt right.     It's amazing how the children feel the Christmas spirit just putting ornaments on the tree and listening to Christmas music.

You know the Christmas spirit? The holy ghost that Christ sent to be with us to remember him. To know the truth of all things.  This same spirit has my children in the best spirits and were hugging each other so much while decorating the tree. Super big smiles adorned their faces. It's something I wish I saw all year round.

They've been wanting to fall asleep to Michael Buble's Christmas album (which I love and has replaced my usual Mariah Christmas album) I don't know why I'm saying album, we listen to it on Amazon.  This is 2014.   My husband is burnt out on Mariah, although I love her Christmas CD. :)

This month and week has been filled with festive events. The kids got to see Santa a few times and ask for different things every time, which kept us scrambling to try and get those gifts they asked for.   Does anyone else go into panic mode when they hear their child ask for something they didn't put on their Christmas list?  It's kind of funny.

Monday the kids got a chance to perform their Christmas numbers they have been rehearsing in their dance classes.  Clara got to do her Ballet number and Carson did his hip hop routine, which was so cute. The kids were so nervous, but they went out there and performed it anyway. I was such a proud mom! I AM a proud mom.  Watch it  HERE.

Tuesday we thought there was something going on at my sons school so my husband used his lunch hour running to his school only to find out the students were watching a performance not performing.  We are new to town so we don't know what goes on. Then my husband had meetings late at work that day so I was just worn out.  I think I went to bed around 9 that night for the first time in a very long time.

Wednesday the primary kids in our ward were going to a local nursing home to sing christmas carols, which I shamingly admit we skipped out on.   Thursday Clara had a preschool performance after school where all of the kids sang christmas songs to their parents. Do you see why I skipped Wed? I was just needing a break.

Meanwhile I have been busy sewing christmas presents for nieces and nephews, as well as trying to wrap as many presents as I can while the kids were at school.  I'm so thankful my 10 month old doesn't know what I'm doing!  I still have a few to wrap and I have no idea where I am going to hide them. Our house is so small there is literally no where to put anything.

Wednesday night we heard a knock at the door and someone had dropped a pretty significant amount of cash as well as some candies at our door.  I immediately start bawling because this time of year has been so hard on us financially. I hate our financial problems and I hate talking or thinking about it, but it never seems to go away.  Such is the life of a stay at home mom, it's not all glamour and real housewives of new jersey, york and whatever city they have that show.  When I decided to quit my nice paying job to stay home with the children I knew it wasn't going to be easy I knew we would go without and that was a sacrifice I was willing to make to be there for my children.  I am not ungrateful, I am not in any way saying woe is me, because this is what we chose and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I know it won't always be this hard as my husband works his way up in his job field but right now it's tough.  We don't expect anyone to help us, in fact I'm the type that would much rather do it myself and not ask for help.  It's not so much pride as it is, I feel it's our responsibility to take care of our family.  My husband is taking up a second job to make ends meet and hopefully save some,  which will be great.  I can also with this money purchase a business license to sell some of my crafts on Etsy and start getting paid for photography and graphic design.

I don't know who the Good Samaritan was that decided we needed the help this holiday season, but I sure hope they know how much we appreciate, how humbled and grateful we are.  How I cant wait to pay it forward when we can.  I hope that everyone can have a good samaritan in their lives and hopefully this holiday season we can think in our hearts how we can help those around us.

Within our family my husband and I have some pretty great parents who have helped us out tremendously in getting the kids things they want for Christmas. I know Christmas isn't all about the stuff and I hope I can convey that to my kids more, but kids have to have something on christmas!

Although, like that family in Utah I have reminded my children that I WILL cancel Christmas if I have to!   I was taken a back a little when I heard my 6 year old say "we won't get everything we want" as I have said that several times trying to drive home that they won't get everything on their list.  I was happy he was listening.

Last Christmas and this Christmas I remember thinking, well the kids will get one or two gifts and that will just have to be enough and every Christmas somehow it becomes more than I ever expected. I don't know why and I don't feel like we deserve it. It is truly humbling.

Phew so if you're still reading this we are blessed this Holiday season and every season. I'm hoping your Christmas season is Merry and Bright from our family to yours.   I hope we can all keep in our hearts the true meaning of Christmas and remember Christ, all that he was and is.  
May your days be merry and bright!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Recap of April, May and June

Linking up again this week and again, I am late to the party.  It's expected of me now isn't it?  Click the button link if you'd like to play along.

After re reading my recap of Jan, Feb and March, as well as other bloggers posts, I decided that post was extremely depressing and disheartening. I don't like to dwell on those times or feelings in my life.  

Time for the good news in my story this year! April we learned that my husband got the job he interviewed for. Negotiations were settled and our move date would be June. It felt like an eternity and I honestly didn't think it would happen. I thought we would have to move in with family until we could find something.

Finally the good news we had been waiting for! April and May I was still studying and taking classes in school. I was determined to finish my degree by the end of the year.  I was taking care of my two little kids as well as our newborn babe, packing a little at a time.  It was so hard trying to figure out what I could pack that I wasn't going to need with three kids, but still try and pack our whole house.  We were also searching for a place to live in our new state and handle all that mess.  April and May we tried to take advantage of where we were living and have fun.

I had to say goodbye to the best friends I've made in Columbus Ohio.  Side Note: it's really hard to make lifelong friends that just get you when you are married with kids. It just is. I don't know why.  Those girls and I clicked on a different level, and I still miss them dearly!  I am so grateful to have shared fun times and laughs with them and just happy to have known them.

I had to say goodbye to city life and about 4 targets in a 15 mile radius to only 1 target an hour and a half away.  So many free parks nearby to 2 small parks in town.

In June I scrambled to unpack while my husband learned the ropes at his new job. Can I confess that my husband still has unpacked boxes in our room? I refuse to unpack his stuff, haha.  He is a borderline hoarder.  I would just throw everything away and then he would be mad at me.

The only people I ever got to see were in our small little ward (our church building). Which by the way is so amazing.

In June I was also registering my kids for school. My son would start 1st grade and my daughter would start preschool.  There were so many exams and physicals and getting all their records transferred…it was a big ordeal. I was so happy when it was over and I could lovingly send my kids on the bus!  Insert big smile here. That is another post for next week.

I believe my summer semester started as well in June. As I stated earlier I was trying to finish my degree in graphic design by the end of the year so I needed a math class to get everything done. I took a couple classes over the summer.

My son celebrated his 6th birthday. I wish we could have had a party with all his friends and family, but moving set us back a ton. I was thankful we had enough money from our tax return to fund our move otherwise we never could have done it.  I believe even on a small budget he had a great birthday.

My fav of all the children.

 We tried to take pics after Easter, but the baby was only happy for this one shot.
Me and the kids went to our first circus show in Columbus before we moved. I know they don't look that excited but we all had a fun time.

 My son's last day of Kindergarten! Love his face.
Love this one.

 For some reason I couldn't see during this shoot in June. But I love how cute they are. Every photo was not focused…bad photographer!
I had a photography class and I snapped this as we were exploring where we moved.

I plan to make it around to all the other posts, though it may take me some time!! Happy Blogging.


Friday, December 12, 2014

The Next Big Youtube sensation

My kids love watching Youtube.  My daughter especially loves watching this one channel in which a grown woman stuffs a stocking or a bag with fun little blind bags and unwraps it all on camera.    My daughter always does "videos" as she calls them, sometimes I record her, sometimes I don't and she still pretends she's being recorded.  Maybe it's because I'm here mama, but I think she's got some raw talent.  This is the first video I've actually edited, I think we will have to perfect this!

If you have your kids watch let me know what they think, also let me know if you have any suggestions for us!?

Have a great weekend!


My 2014 Review: It is always worth it.

Emmy's Review Extravaganza is the perfect opportunity to update everyone on what's been going on with us this year. I also have the time now that school is out for the semester. So link up if you want to join in by clicking the button above!

Bare with me as I try to remember the events that transpired in the beginning months of this year. Is it sad that I don't remember that much? I literally have to go back and read my journal.  I will try and be brutally honest however, I don't know how vulnerable I can be or want to be with my life. I can promise to try my best.


How do I start this post off with the most depressing stressful time in my adult life?  I only wrote in my journal 2 days in January. The last two days of the month I was 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and second girl. School started for the semester and by the sound of things I was doing pretty well with that.  I learned I had cholestasis which was going to result in inducing baby girl at 37 weeks, 2 weeks later.  I was a little worried about the baby, although the doctor advised everything would go fine.  My husband's job was not paying enough money for us to survive. We couldn't pay our mortgage we couldn't pay our bills and we barely had money for food.  All of these thoughts swirled in my head every second of every day as I tried to hang on and be positive for my kids and husband.   My husband graduated from college and was seeking employment anywhere and everywhere. At this time he didn't have any prospects.  I was wondering how I could earn an income at 35 weeks pregnant.  At times it was beyond bearable.

Month in IG photos:


Still the stresses of life going on around us and our baby girl Lola Rose made her appearance on Feb 20th.  A blurb from my journal entry ; "We have a new baby girl, Lola Rose Jeffries. 7lbs 6 Oz. 20 inches born February 20th, 3:57AM, and she is right now making noises in her bassinet at the foot of our bed. Robert sleeping soundly to my left as I type away. "  Update! Read the birth story HERE.

 I recorded two days prior to her birth, my husband had a job interview over the phone and was contemplating going to the city to interview face to face. It was a huge decision for us because we didn't have the money to get there and they were saying it wouldn't pay us very much. Although after much fasting and prayer we both felt strongly that he should go.  I just remember this month feeling the spirit so strongly, feeling Heavenly Father take care of us with the things we needed. Through our friends and family we were able to be blessed by their hands when needed and I will be eternally grateful to my in-laws mostly and to my parents and friends for their support and help.

 I remember our perfect baby girl and how much I loved that she was there in our lives.  I remember now how amazing of a baby she was during that time. She was specifically chosen for us from Heavenly Father at that time.   Bills went unpaid but we were still ok we had everything we needed and a roof over our head.


March :

Still a hard time, my husbands face to face interview had payed off and they had made an offer. We  didn't know if everything would work out because we were in negotiations. I can't tell you how much we needed this job.  I don't know if anyone will ever really know.  I believe the kids had no idea what was going on, and I guess that's wonderful if we were able to keep them happy and unaware of the stresses of adulthood.  My husband fasted a lot in February and it was amazing to see how he received a call from prospective jobs or from the job he was interviewing with as soon as he started his fast.  My testimony was strengthened so much these three months.  I look back now and I think I'm so happy they are over. I'm so happy we have our baby girl, and I'm so happy that I have the faith and the knowledge that I do to get through times like that.  Often times I would look ahead and think this will be all be in the past soon....it won't be like this forever......I hope.

March IG:

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