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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My baby story.

She's here!!! Our new baby girl and we couldn't be more thrilled. 
Me happy all is over. 

We came into the hospital at 6 am they started the petosin around 7am.

When we first got settled into our room I asked my husband to get something out of our bag. So he did and in the process pinched his pinky finger. Next thing I know he is whining about his finger and showing every nurse that walks into the room his boo boo.  Saying is there a doctor around that can stitch this up? I then turned to the nurse and said this is why men don't have babies.  

Next thing I know I'm in labor and he's complaining about his tooth that's been hurting. Granted I understand he's in pain, but really while your wife is in labor. 

 Things progressed slowly because I really wasn't ready for labor. Only dialated to 1 and really thick when I walked in. They put me on a medicine ball for a while, which I didn't mind because the contractions didn't hurt but once I decided to take a break from the ball the contractions hurt so bad. When I was dialated to 5 things started to really take off much like my other pregnancies. I thought I explained enough to the doctor that I only pushed once with both kids, when my body got to that point they were ready and this pregnancy was no different.  

So mostly the nurses were taking care of me the doctor came in once I think to check on me in the beginning. Which isn't uncommon. I got the epidural earlier cause I was a baby and didn't like the pain. I am not one to handle those contractions.  I don't know if petosin made them stronger or what, but thank goodness for anesthesia! The nurses were really nice about it and so sweet the entire time.  Probably dialated at 3 and after that it was smooth sailing.  

One of the nurses Rob and I were kind of laughing at the whole time cause she would call me girl the whole time and say "you ok sister?" I told Rob I felt like I was at church.  Every time it was sister this and sister that.  Robs like they do that so they don't have to remember your name, he's probably right. 

So anyway, around 3 pm the shifts changed and one of the nurses I really liked left for the day and a new one came in. The new one also called me sister.  She was even calling the other nurse sister. It was funny to me. 

So after I dialated to 5 maybe 2 or 1?? I quickly dialated to 7 around 2:45.  I mean after that I felt the pressure coming. I debated on if I should say anything because they had just checked me but I finally had to say something. 

When they checked and I was to 10 and ready the nurse says to me push and let's see if your ready and we'll call the doctor if you can push. I'm thinking in my head, what? You want me to push sister?!  I know I was looking at her like she's crazy, cause I'm thinking if I push this baby is coming out. But I didn't say that. I guess I should have. 

So I push and she is I guess checking how well I push and I am really holding back and I stop and say I can't and she looks at me and says yes you can let's do this like intenstly. I'm like ok so I push and of course the baby's head is like right there. 

So now the nurses are scrambling trying to get a hold of the dr cause the baby is there, she told me to push. When the dr took too long to get there they called the midwives in or whoever was close. I could literally see my baby's head in the reflection of the light that was off overhead. 

I just start bawling because I see my baby's head and the nurse is holding her hand there like trying to keep her in seemed like and I'm thinking she's going to suffocate or something terrible is going to happen because she's been in there waiting. Then the contractions are coming and I don't want to hold them in. But I have to because there is no one there to deliver this baby. 

I'm not quite sure what happens because I'm thinking I just want to get her out of there and the contractions are coming and I'm trying not to push and crying and hating this nurse that told me to push without a doctor being there.  So I finally push and the midwife didn't have time to put gloves on because one push and out she came. 

I could see baby through the reflection in the light and she was laying on the bed. No sound, I was just waiting to hear her cry. It seemed like forever but finally she did cry.   Baby was here baby was healthy and in walks the dr.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preparation Day!

I have been working on my list of to do's slowly.  Very slowly. I was hoping to get some help from my husband last night but he decided baking cookies for his coworkers was more important, so this morning I spent cleaning up that mess.  I will never understand men and how they prioritize?? It's his last day at work (paternity leave for a couple weeks) and his coworkers asked for his cookies, I mean hello, preggo wife at home you knocked up who carried your baby for 9 months and you don't think you have to do anything else??  I don't ask for a lot but when I am like this and things are much harder I need some help here.   He always finds something else unnecessary to do, so why am I the only one finding the necessary things to do? I will never understand?? (Little rant) (big rant).  Marriage isn't all rainbows and sunshine all the time I don't care what you say.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to do dished with a big belly?? I have to stand sideways.  

I will be doing laundry and wondering if I should bathe my daughter or not...probably both kids should get baths today. 

My parents will be coming tonight to watch the kids so they can continue with their daily routine. I am so thankful for that.  I was so worried about the kids and how they will transition.   At least this way they can have some normalcy until we bring the baby home.

I didn't finish all the homework assignments I wanted to get done.  I don't know how I'm going to do a research paper and study for a test, as well as put together websites and designs. But I better figure it out. I will be typing up a research paper in between contractions haha.   

I just wanted a clean house, kids clothes clean so we didn't have to worry about everything when the baby comes home. Of course I know the kids will ransack the house with my parents here but as long as the carpet and floors are clean I'm ok with toys everywhere.   

Who knows maybe I will get a sudden burst of energy to clean and get everything done.  That's what I'll be praying and hopping for. 

The icing on the cake is Clara has some sort of cold now. No wonder she's been having a hard time sleeping at night.  So she's congested and not sleeping. I'm just thankful I got the whooping cough shot and hopefully that will protect baby too.  

Man I didn't realize what a Debbie downer I'm being!  

Positive note tomorrow this time I will be contracting and awaiting the arrival of our new baby girl.   I am only 1" and thick so that means my body is not ready for labor. It could take 12 hours which will be my longest labor.  As long as we are all healthy I'm ready for it.   

Wish us luck and any prayers would be greatly appreciated!!
Love to all

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

There is something that I just Love about celebrating Love on Valentines Day!

Last year I was pretty good about taking pictures of the kids (ok about halfway through the beginning of the year I was pretty good about it) for holidays.  But lately I've been slacking. I don't even think I got one of them for Christmas last year.  There was a lot going on ok?

I really enjoyed making them a picture book in 2012 and want to continue doing that each year so I need to be more diligent.

Here's what you get when you put two silly kids together to take Valentines Day pictures....

 Gotta have the silly face photo. 

 The super cheesy face photo (I'm smiling cause you said so)

and the nice smile and hugs photo (pretend we love each other everyday)

P.S. I got Clara's dress from Amazon from China and its darling, only $10.00 or 9.99.  I imagine someone working for really cheap labor making it, but it's still really adorable.
See how cute? And I love her little pose looks like she's posing for paparazzi huh?

I wasn't happy with my background, but hey I'm almost 9 months pregnant what do you want from me?!  It was hard to get on the ground for these shots too. 

I just love my silly kids and at least they somewhat enjoy getting their picture taken and will get dressed up and sit for a few photos. I couldn't ask for anything more.  I still believe when they are older they are going to love looking at these. I know I will!
Carson's valentines cards he really wanted to do this and loved the idea I found from pinterest so we went with it.
We ended up taping the glow sticks to the card instead of cutting a slit because the card I got it printed on was really heavy and it ripped when I tried to put them through. Bummer.  Either way it will work.

Hope everyone has a happy, blessed, romantic Valentines Day!


Ambitious? I think so!!!

This is my school workload for the next few weeks.

I wrote it all down because it would like to finish these before next week. Hahahahahahahaha.

But really though, it would be so nice to not have to worry about schoolwork when baby comes. I'm hopeful I can get most done and then my husband took some time off from work so maybe that will give me extra time. 

Spring break will be after these assignments so that will put me into about mid March with no schoolwork. 

School this semester is challenging. I thought the classes were going to be easy like my project management class and digital color. Like really. Is color that hard? But yes!! It's like it's a different language.  Also for my web design class I'm starting coding and that's like another language, so I'm all digitally bilingual, or trying to be. 

I also made myself a nice list (I never make lists) on things I want done before the baby comes in the house. Like having all the kids rooms clean and all the laundry done. Getting rid of junk we have in the way.  Cleaning out the fridge. I mean, it's an intense list. 

On top of everything I am trying to start a new job. A work from home job that my friend referred me to. And no it's not one of those scam things, it's a legit company. I'm questioning my decision to start though, cause I really don't know if I can find the time. Maybe I can in summer but I don't know about now.  We really need the extra money. So, I might just try and stick it out for a few months.  

Overly ambitious? I think so! 
At the same time it's pretty wonderful having something to work toward like my degree. I kind of wish I was done before baby but if I can do it, it will be wonderful!! 

I still want to massage, do photography and then hopefully graphic and web design. When the kids get older I'm hoping I'll have more time to dedicate to my career, but for now I'm ok with building upon the knowledge I've gained so far and using it later. 

I better get this assignment done! Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby is coming! Next week!!

So I had my appointment today and as they hooked me up to the machine my daughter was watching her play doh shows on YouTube, videos where grown people play with play doh. It keeps her entertained.   

The nurse put things on my belly to monitor the movement and heartbeat of the baby.  
I'm supposed to push a button when I feel movement or contractions. I had a few contractions and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to keep the button pushed throughout the contraction or just  push it once? I guess it worked anyway. 

After a while the doctor comes in and says there is some good movement. Then takes this black thing that looks like a massager and puts it on my belly. We were talking about something when she did this. It was some kind of shocker or vibration thing that caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting to feel what I felt, like an intense electrode from the chiropractors office.  I'm like "what is that supposed to do?" and I forget exactly what she says but something along the lines of supposed to make more movement. The baby did move quite a bit and a contraction followed. I just thought the experience was strange and funny cause we were talking and all of a sudden she tases me kind of, but obviously not a taser.  It wasn't painful just intense and I wasn't expecting it.  Maybe you just had to be there, but I thought it was funny and kind of random.

Whooping cough shot and blood taken. This baby is going to hear all about the things I endured for this pregnancy.   It is all going to be worth it though.  It still hasn't been that bad of a pregnancy. Believe me I am counting my blessings!!

The doctor said there could be complications, even though I'm delivering "full term" at 37 weeks there is a chance the baby might not breathe out of the water and have a hard time breathing air. So she may have to go to NICU. I'm hoping all goes well and maybe my baby is more developed and ready for birth because with this cholestasis it isn't good to have her in there too long. 

Anyways next thurs is the day! I am so excited and I have lots to do this weekend!!!! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

"I made it"

My little girl is getting so big. 

This afternoon I was working with my son on his homework at the kitchen table.

In walks Clara saying she has a skirt on, I look down and see her t-shirt around her waist. 

I had to take a picture.  She probably stretched out the neck putting it around her waist but it was funny. 

I said "you made that?" 
She says "yup I made it" 

Later, when my husband came home she was showing him what she made. He found her in my room at my craft table where I sew or make crafty things.  She was pretending to put together her skirt. I wish I could have seen it. By the time I went to look she was already done. 

Today I decided to forgo nap time and visit my sons school so I could see his masquerade ball. I was glad we went and Carson was glad that we came. He seemed really shy at the time but said he was happy we were there. It's so funny to see your normally outspoken child so reserved at school. 
Such a handsome boy! He told me he was nervous to dance but I think he was less nervous once he realized he wouldn't be dancing on his own. 

By 7 pm my little ones were really ready for bed from the days excitement. Let me tell you, my three year old was all over the place! Nap time is a wonderful thing when we get one. Not just for mommy but for the kids too!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Daddy's little girl

I bet you thought my title was about how my little girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger?  Well, she does, but I am talking about myself.

Since we've had a lot of snow days lately I remembered a time when I was in middle school in upstate New York. 

The plan was to go to my friends house and get ready for the school dance that night. I was pretty excited. I think I had just gotten my hair cut and couldn't wait to show it off. I believe the new Rachel (friends) dew that was all the rage in the 90's.   I should insert picture here huh?? I might have one! 
(You can't even really see my hair (right), but I'm pretty sure this was the night. I remember going shopping with her at a local shop when she bought that cute top. It was all very exciting. I must not have done my makeup lol.)

So my dad is driving me to my friends house in a little Honda Civic and he cannot get the dang car up the hill on this road to my friends house. He was pretty frustrated with it telling me I wouldn't be able to go and all this. I was so sad! I don't know why because I probably could have just went to the dance but my makeup wasn't on or whatever. I really wanted to go to my friends house and go with her.  

He must have tried a long time to get that little car up that huge hill of snow but he couldn't do it.  I was in tears at this point thinking my life was over.  

But what father wouldn't do anything for his little girl?  He decided he was going to drive a different way which was much farther and way out of the way. Which, it was pretty snowy so we weren't sure the other way would be much better either.   I tried to settle down to not look like a hot mess and hoped to Heavenly Father we could make it to her house. 

I was late and we didn't have much time to get ready but we made it to my friend Shawna's house.  

I just look back at that time and think ya know I have a pretty great dad who thought let's just try and see because it means a lot to her. Rather than turn around and go back home. 

I always think of my dad with fondess for all these little moments we've shared that he probably doesn't even remember, but they mean the world to me. 

Time surely does fly by and we are parents of our own children before we know it, trying to make the same special memories with them.  

It's not Father's Day or my dad's birthday but does it really need to be in order for me to cherish him? 

I love you dad,
will always be daddy's little plum plum.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby news

It almost doesn't feel real. In a couple weeks I will be snuggling my new baby girl.  After our second we kind of felt like we wanted more but it's been just the four of us for so long now I wonder how it will be. It's makes me kind of nervous. Will I forget anything? Will I pick up where I left off and know what to do?  

Since this time she will be induced we can plan a little better where the kids will be and when to take work off and that will be nice.   

We still don't have a name picked out. I think Robert is set on Lola, but I don't know if that's my favorite name ever.  So who knows. 

Today was my ultrasound. We wanted to see how big baby is and she's already 7 healthy pounds. The technician said she could gain 1/2 a pound a week so I could still have a 8 pound baby at 37 weeks. Isn't that crazy? If I went full term she could be 9 or 10! She was wiggling and moving all around. Sucking her thumb. The tech said she has long hair! Don't know if I believe that one because both our kids were bald. I'm getting anxious!

At the same time we still haven't gotten diapers yet, better get on that.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Temple is the place to be in 2014

Some amazing friends of ours watched our kids for 3 hours while we attended the Temple today.  I didn't have any earth shattering experiences or get a thunderbolt of lightening realization of what we are supposed to do with our craptastic life we are in right now, but I will say this...The Temple puts our lives into perspective.  Or rather our priorities back into place.

I noticed after I left the peaceful and serene Temple when I got home how chaotic, disorganized and hectic life is in our home.  I realized that I didn't want that anymore.  I liken going to the Temple like getting a massage.   You don't realize how soar or out of whack your body is until someone actually works out the kinks and trigger points in your body. Just like a massage you don't realize the hectic life you're living in or maybe the things that need to change until you go and visit the Temple and realize oh, I remember now.

It's so important to go to the Temple.  For many reasons really, but for me, today, this was what I needed. To put things back into perspective.

Trials are going to come to us and there isn't much we can do about them sometimes.  Sometimes the trials seem like they will never end, but we can still feel peace, we can still feel the Saviors love all around us.   When you feel like there is nothing else you can do, go to the Temple.