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Friday, May 9, 2014

Ch Ch Changes.........

I have said before that there is probably a song to go with every life situation, and a song usually comes to mind when I think of certain times.  For instance an ex boyfriend "Bugaboo" by destiny's child.   Or a spat with a friend "I Ain't no Holla Back girl" Gwen Stephanie.

With our life right now I just thought of this song, CH Ch Changes by David Bowie, however when I read the lyrics and actually listened to the song it sounds like someone is going through puberty and that's a little different then the changes we're going through... If you feel so inclined to listen to that song I'll leave it down below. Anyway you get the point right?

Finals are done! WAHOO, For this semester.  I start school again in a couple weeks for the summer semester. I was hoping to take the summer off and finish in the fall however I have to take one prerequisite so I'm doing summer classes cause I'm ready to be done with this mess. I just want to finish in the fall.  Luckily I'm only taking 2 classes so I should be able to handle that. As opposed to the 4 I'm used to.

We are moving! Wahoo! My husband has been looking for a job since he graduated last year. Probably June or August of 2013 he started looking and we just finalized everything in April 2014 pretty much, so now we know for sure we are moving at the end of May. It's coming by really quick and I feel like a hot mess with a million and one things to do.  I couldn't be more excited and I can't wait to blog in about a month when I'm hoping things to be more settled.  Here's what I hope for the next time I blog, cause really who knows when that will be? I'm random right?

Things I'm hoping for by next month:

  • Lola to hold her own bottle
  • All moved, unpacked, furniture and everything in its place
  • For me to be organized with school
  • For us to work out the student loan situation (don't even get me started, that's a whole new blog in itself)
  • Get Carson enrolled and ready for first grade
  • look into some summer dancing classes for Clara
  • Karate classes for Carson
  • the kids to be outside a lot more
  • To eat Piada one last time before we move
  • To eat Chipotle 

Not too much to ask for right? This last year has been the hardest time in my life as I juggled finances, being pregnant, full-time school, having a baby, while raising two other children, one who needed a lot of attention with school work himself. All while stressing about what was going to happen next, because I didn't have a clue. 

Heavenly Father worked out a way for us and so far everything is really falling into place, (knockin on some wood).  With the help of family prayers and fasting, lots of fasting! I think the lesson to learn here is patience, it truly is in His own time. Not when we want it or think that we need it, cause we truly need this now. Personally I think we could have used it earlier as well but like I said it's working out and Heavenly Father knows best. I have to remember to trust in Him always! Always. 

So here's to changes! We are all so excited! 

Here is the link to watch David Bowe's Ch Ch Changes. They don't have a share option. 

Happy Mothers day this weekend everyone! I hope you all get ridiculously spoiled! Because you deserve it!