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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Oct Visiting Teaching Free Printable

I really should be studying for my math test on Friday...but I would much rather be doing this!

I was excited to read the visiting teaching message this month and like so many others, the thought to bake bread entered my mind. I wish I was an amazing cook and made my bread from scratch, however, it was the gourmet box.

I thought about just giving my sisters the box with a quote on it so they could bake their own, cause I'm lazy thoughtful like that. Then I decided they were busy ladies and might appreciate me making it for them.

Feel free to click the link and download a little banner for your loaves.

I wrapped my bread in plastic wrap. Then wax paper then taped my little quote strip on there. Finished off with a nice little ribbon. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Fall (pumpkin bread) is definitely in the air and I'm lovin it!

**Printable is for personal use only, is not to be altered or copied and sold***

Free Printable Here

Don't think I'm too amazing or anything though, this is the first time I've gone visiting teaching since we've moved here! I need to be better and what better way than to begin today?

Have you done your visiting teaching?


Monday, October 6, 2014

Photographers : Why they are worth what they charge

I wrote this report for my communications class last fall.  If you remember I requested some information from anyone that has taken pictures professionally as a photographer and anyone that has employed professional photographers to take their pictures.

I had two different surveys, one for photographers and one for the client. One survey was about how the photographers felt about their pricing and business. The other survey was how the clients felt about the services of the photographers they employed in regard to pricing and their experience with the photographer.  The following is my final research paper.  You could just start with the introduction.

Here is the link that will take you directly to the paper.

Comments on what you think?


Cellular service and Wifi Calling; the new, not so new thing.

Since we've moved out of a big city with 4G network and into a small city with no G network, the realization of how dependent we've become on our cellphones became all too clear.

I have been a long time, loyal T-mobile customer since I was old enough to get my own cellphone. I got my own cellphone with my own plan probably when I was 21. I did have a cellphone in high school under my parents plan but I didn't pay for it.   My very first cell phone billed to me was with Sprint but, soon after I switched to T-mobile because the plans were so much cheaper.  

Some years ago I talked my parents into switching to T-mobile because I have loved them for so many years. I tell everyone how much I love their customer service, because time and time again they have made me the happiest customer ever.

Having said what a loyal customer I am, let me tell you how I feel about their new advertisements for wifi calling.  If it is a surprise to you, T-mobile is now selling only phones that allow wifi calling. This means you can use the wifi signal in your home, or probably at any place offering free wifi to make calls and get a signal.

There is something on it here.

T-mobile even sent a text message about their "Latest big change inspired by you, We're breaking down more coverage barriers".  Here 

Let me first say I have the Iphone 5 (the first Apple phone available with T-mobile) and there is no wifi calling available with that model. I hear that the Iphone 5C and the Iphone 5S do have this capability with the new 8.0 update.   From now on, T-mobile will only sell phones that have wifi calling capabilities as I mentioned before.

Since I can't get a steady signal anywhere in my home I have to walk outside in the driveway if I want to call anyone. Also if I walk into any building in town I can't get a signal.   Sending a text message, I have to stand in a certain spot and not move otherwise it will fail to send. There are certain areas in my home I just can't get a signal.  If I get a call mostly it goes to voicemail and sometimes I can't listen to the message.  Sometimes I receive messages way later than they were sent.  So wifi calling is something I would be able to use.   Because I can't get an internet signal with my cellphone reception, I use my wifi signal to post pictures and use internet on my phone while I'm at home.  I already use my wifi for mostly everything internet related on my cell phone, but I'm still not able to use wifi calling for some reason.

My problem with T-mobile advertising this "breaking down coverage barriers" campaign is, we pay $120 for our cellphone bill which probably isn't a lot compared to most companies. However, if I'm using wifi calling most of the time on my cellphone (if I had wifi calling), I'm paying $120 to use my internet connection that I'm already paying for monthly through an internet provider.   I'm kind of confused why T-mobile thinks they don't have to work on their poor reception areas?  Doesn't anyone else think there is something wrong with this?

It's been on my mind since I've seen a few advertisements and I just get annoyed.  Granted wifi calling is something I need in my situation. Not everyone will care about this because in bigger cities the reception is probably great, ours used to be.  Essentially, I'm paying for a cellphone service I can't use, which really sucks for me.  But lets call it like it is T-mobile. You are advertising for people to use their own internet connections, not your cell phone service.  In a business sense I guess kudos to you for making money doing nothing.  


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reflections on last year.

I want to blog a little bit, every now and then I get in that bloggy mood.

I'm linking up with Mama'sLosinIt weekly writing prompts.
Mama’s Losin’ It

My topic is what I was blogging about last year and what's changed since then.

Oh my heck where do I begin?

If you want to catch up  :
This was last Aug 
This was last Sept
and this was last Oct

I wasn't blogging all that much as you can see because I was in school full-time, I still am, but I am so tired of education in my life.  My son had started Kindergarten and I was feeling like a proud mom. My husband hadn't gotten into grad school and I was stressing out about him finding a job.  Also, around this time the big government shut down fiasco was happening and my mom wasn't working as a result.  She still got backpay for all the days they were shut down so I don't know what the big deal was, however, I still really like that post in Oct.

So much has changed since then, for the better. Last year was the hardest time of my life and I was pregnant with baby numero 3 to boot. How in the freaking world did I survive?!  I just did. We have since moved to a new city and state. My husband is enjoying his first job after college. We are raising our three beautiful children in a nice quiet small town with no TARGET!  I am almost finished with my degree! THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE!!  I am exercising to be a healthier happier me at least 3 times a week, which has helped so much with postpartum.

I don't know how I juggle it all, I am NOT supermom. I have always been very good at multitasking so maybe that has something to do with it, but I know most days are hard. Most days are special, lovely, and exhausting with my children. I love the sweet kind caring people they are growing up to be.  I love seeing my middle child now in preschool and all the things she is learning when just last year she was turning 3. Now she's 4 and She is such an amazing little girl full of spunk, sass, and just the right amount of sweetness. My son is doing so well and loving his new school as well as loving being in first grade. Both are taking dance classes, I love how much they love music and dancing. Our little baby is eating more baby foods and continues to drool as her teeth come in.

My husband is an amazing support system and partner as we work together to accomplish our goals. He is so helpful to me so I can work on schoolwork and takes care of the children when I need a break. He is everything a wonderful loving husband should be and more. I am in awe at what an amazing man he is, even after 7 years of marriage.

If there is one huge lesson I've learned since last year that I am still learning, that lesson is patience. Things happen in their own time, in their own season, and I can't control it. I need to learn to be patient and just wait. Wait, watch, pray and continue to do the best that I can do.  I have to tell myself that a lot because I am not a naturally patient person.

I look back at last year and I think thank goodness that time has passed.  I look forward to what will happen this year! To what good things await us next year!

Thanks for reliving this journey with me it was fun, not fun, but fun!