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Sleepless nights

1:44AM Lola my 14 month old was extra fussy tonight.... Like hadn't woken up at night for a while now, maybe a couple months she's been going to sleep with her siblings and staying asleep til 7:30. I bring her into our room, she crawls off the bed and leads me to the kitchen, points to her high chair. I put her in the chair, she points to an old sippy cup on the table. I give her a new sippy cup with milk, she drinks seems happy. Not sure what else she wants. I'm hoping she doesn't think it's morning and want food. I pick her up change her diaper hold and rock her in her room for a little, she sees sissy sleeping in her bed next to her crib. She rubs her eyes, I feel like she might be ready for sleep again. I tell her it's night night, sing a lullaby, put her back in her crib, tuck her in. Say goodnight Lola (normal routine) tip toe to my room, wait to hear if she cries...... FB status update (I later realize this is too long for FB copy paste to blogger)