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Teachable Moments With My 7 Year Old

I like to think of myself as a teacher to my children.  I really try to teach them life's lessons as they come.  Sometimes I am not very good at it, and other times words flow from my mouth.

This evening, as I was cooking dinner such a moment occurred. My 7 year old looked up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and said something like, he dreamed he could have a nice car one day.   I looked at him and said
"You can have whatever you dream of."  His big eyes grew even bigger,
"I can have anything I dream?" he asked.
"Anything you want, you dream it first and then," I added "then, you have to work really hard and you can have whatever you want."

I could see the determination in his eyes as he processed the information I just told him.  

Of course he will learn along the way he can't always get whatever he wants, but he can work towards whatever he wants.

I love little moments like these because my parents didn't teach me life&#…