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Boys Clothing 2015 My favs this fall!



Do me a favor and check it out for yourself because I always contemplate working full-time just so that I can binge shop when I receive their newest catalog.    H&M WEBSITE 

Honestly as soon as I began this idea to blog my favorite clothing items I began thinking how on earth I could show images that weren't my own.   I am a photographer, and even though I am providing links to the clothing and the website I'm not completely comfortable with it. That being said this will probably be my last post.

I did use the images and created a neat background and put some selections together. Which is completely my own. The images of clothing and the child however are the property of H&M.

Starting from the top down these items are my fall must haves:

The UFO button down Shirt is awesome. I bought a polka dot shirt they came out with just before this and I had to beg my 7 year old son to wear it. Once he did he decided he loves it and wants to…

My Fav Girls dresses For today on Zulily.

If you know me well, you know that I love clothing. I love fashion and girlie things. I especially love dressing my girls in really adorable outfits.

My son, he is a different story. I am not quite sure what kind of style I like for him, however the older he gets the more his personal style comes out and mommy has to adapt to his type which is more t-shirt and basketball pants type active wear.  He will still wear some things I get him and I now ask him before I Buy anything for him if he would wear it and if he likes it. It's kind of fun for me. I would rather buy something he is going to wear than something he is going to fight me over wearing or an item that he doesn't wear at all.

Why am I telling you all this, because I have decided to fulfill my need to shop online and search clothing and use my blog to put items of clothing together that I JUST LOVE, and I will try to do this daily, although lets be honest I don't know if I have the time. So maybe weekly could be a …

Randomlicious Updates! Happy Housewives Day!

I wouldn't say blogging has taken a backseat in my life,  a more accurate depiction would be in the trunk!

I think about it at random times during the day some weeks and of course, at that exact moment I don't know what to blog about so back in the trunk it goes.

I am finally finished with my Associates degree in graphic design I had been working years to finish since my oldest was 4 and my middle child was 2.  I've had a new baby while finishing my last semester, moved to a new home and it was so hard, but I did it.   I couldn't have finished the semester without amazing friends to help me while I went into work on my internship and took tests at the university! It really was through the support of my friends and my husband that I was able to finish! I am so grateful!  YIPPEEE!!!

I did have a thought today, since it's national housewives day. I have been a stay at home mom for about 5 years now, before then I've held a job since I was 16.  Minus the time I was…