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Boys Clothing 2015 My favs this fall!



Do me a favor and check it out for yourself because I always contemplate working full-time just so that I can binge shop when I receive their newest catalog.    H&M WEBSITE  

Honestly as soon as I began this idea to blog my favorite clothing items I began thinking how on earth I could show images that weren't my own.   I am a photographer, and even though I am providing links to the clothing and the website I'm not completely comfortable with it. That being said this will probably be my last post.

I did use the images and created a neat background and put some selections together. Which is completely my own. The images of clothing and the child however are the property of H&M.

Starting from the top down these items are my fall must haves:

The UFO button down Shirt is awesome. I bought a polka dot shirt they came out with just before this and I had to beg my 7 year old son to wear it. Once he did he decided he loves it and wants to wear it more often. So I love the new ideas and modern ways they have really made the standard oxford shirt. 

Pair it with a striped sweater like below or their henley tops.

I have to say something about this slim leg Jean in black.  I bought them for my son this year. My boy has skinny legs and I love the way they look on him. If he were a thicker boy I don't think they would work but for his body type they fit so great and he looks awesome wearing them with just about anything.  So check out those black skinny leg jeans.

*Shopping Tip*
Whenever I am searching for items of clothing for myself or my children I always keep in mind body type.  Baggy jeans sometimes don't look good on my son because he's so slender, and my daughter can almost never wear jeans because of her badonkadonk and she's a little thicker on bottom. Buy things that flatter the body!

These high tops I love!

The Red White and Blue Patterned hooded sweatshirt is one of my fall favs for boys. I love it. I asked my son if he would wear it and he said "Yes, it looks like Captain America". Boys right?

The Shawl Cowl Sweater I love also but I don't know if I could convince my son to wear it? I might try!

I am also in love with the Hooded top with printed Motif NYC Hoodie I love the hood and I love the look of it.

Hope you love these items as much as I do!! 
Happy Shopping!



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