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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sleepless nights

1:44AM Lola my 14 month old was extra fussy tonight.... Like hadn't woken up at night for a while now, maybe a couple months she's been going to sleep with her siblings and staying asleep til 7:30. I bring her into our room, she crawls off the bed and leads me to the kitchen, points to her high chair. I put her in the chair, she points to an old sippy cup on the table. I give her a new sippy cup with milk, she drinks seems happy. Not sure what else she wants. I'm hoping she doesn't think it's morning and want food. I pick her up change her diaper hold and rock her in her room for a little, she sees sissy sleeping in her bed next to her crib. She rubs her eyes, I feel like she might be ready for sleep again. I tell her it's night night, sing a lullaby, put her back in her crib, tuck her in. Say goodnight Lola (normal routine) tip toe to my room, wait to hear if she cries...... FB status update (I later realize this is too long for FB copy paste to blogger) 

10-20 min later oldest son gets up to go to the bathroom....

I hear the 14 month old 5 min later a little pout and then silent. 

This night of strange events began probably because around 5pm Lola my 14 month old brought me her footie pajamas. I had left them on the couch in the playroom and I didn't know if she wanted to wear it because she was already dressed in her day clothes? We change her into her footie pajamas at night.  I asked her if she wanted to go night night and it looked as if maybe that's what she wanted, she sometimes takes a second nap at 3:30-4....I'm beginning to think she is growing out of second naps. Maybe 5 was just too late for a nap. She didn't seem ready to sleep when we laid the other kids down close to 8 pm. Normally she will sleep right with them.  

Or she's teething....ugh toddlers and the uncertainty!  Even now I can't tell if she's sleeping in her crib or just laying there quiet?  

Yesterday's sleep saga, I arose from my slumber as I heard footsteps around 4 AM. I could see from the night lights in the hall someone lurking by our room. I call Clara? She comes into the room and says she saw a flying black bug.  I know she must have been dreaming because the other night a hermit crab was on her hand (in her sleep) and she had to come sleep with me. Plus how could she see a black bug flying in the dark?  She goes potty, then says she wants the hall light on, so I put on the hall light and back into bed she goes. I'm not entirely convinced she fell back asleep because my husband woke up at 6 for work. She came into my bed around when he woke up and was moving around the whole time til I woke up with the babe around 7:30. 

I have a feeling I am in for an even more eventful night. It's now 3AM.. I don't know if I could fall asleep if I tried. 

Babe whimpers......