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Do I have enough contour??

Every time I watch a contour video, tutorial, whatever you want to call it I just have to laugh a little bit.  I love the ones that make fun, it's really kind of silly, but also kind of amazing, right?

I'm so thankful to be a woman and so thankful for make up which is a wonderful tool.

Sometimes I almost feel like it's deceiving as I watch reality shows like the Bachelor. In the early morning these women who have zero make up on look completely different then when they've caked on the contour.

I'd like to hear some men's side of the story. Of dating a women they've never seen without make up and then finally it's like ahhh.....

Is it that dramatic? I don't know. To me it seems so.  On the other hand I like to imagine things to be a lot more dramatic than they are, it's more exciting.

However when I try to contour I don't notice THAT much a difference as I suppose that's what make up is meant for, not to change your face to look like Ki…

The last time my heart melted was because....

There are so many miniature moments throughout my days that melt my heart, that they are sometimes hard to recall.   I try to keep a journal but I am not persistent enough to record all of life's meaningful moments.  I do however try to post those moments on facebook so at least I have them recorded somewhere for my memory.

I love this age with my kids. I love the toddler age, my little one turning 2, my middle child 5, establishing her independence and fashion sense. Some days she's 5 going on 20. My oldest of 7 years old is getting so big and smart. The other day told me about how songs are science because of the sound waves to your ears and that's how we hear them.  Those moments really shock me.

But the last time my heart truly melted was because of this moment

It was dinner time, hence the food.  We are all sitting around the table well, mommy and daddy were sitting, the kids standing, hopping around as if it hurts to sit on their behind. I'm sure I remind everyon…

Nursery Singing Time, in my bag.

I made a music bag for primary/nursery singing time. I think most of the items will be for nursery kids and they will take turns pulling out items and we will sing the songs that go along with the items.

Hopefully this will help you, all of these items I had on hand.

 Sewed out of Fleece I appliqu├ęd the note to the top, adding ribbons for straps. My 5 year old thought it was cute.

 These I found from Pinterest HERE and printed them out. I think I will use them for the older kids "Do As I'm Doing".
 These I also found on Pinterest HERE that I printed and laminated for songs like "I have two hands, Hinges" etc. The kids can pick out of the bag.

 For "I am a child of God" I have tiaras/crowns. I tried to add a blue for a boy and black.  We don't have a lot of kids in nursery so this will be plenty.  I took a skewer that I had cut it in half and cut off the sharp tip. I hot clued it with fold over elastic I had available and it seemed to work really w…

"Your Happy Birthday" Magic Candle. Make a wish : Primary Singing Time

I'm really not trying to go broke being the Primary Chorister, so I found the idea on Sugardoodle and made my own with what I had.

One of my favorite quotes is "It's what you do with what you have that makes you who you are." I forget who said it, but it's wonderful and always on my mind.

The idea is that you will sing a Primary Happy Birthday song for said Birthday boy/girl and then at the end they make a wish and blow out the candle. You slide the "flame" down and it disappears. Kind of like a push up pop in reverse.

Here's how I made my Magic Birthday Candle.

If you're a crafter like me you may already have these supplies. Here's what I used :
Glue Gun
Popsicle stick for inside the tube
a tulle tube for the outside of the candle : You could do a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll also.
Gold & Coral tulle for the flame.
 I started by rolling the tulle around my 4 fingers (It did go past my fingers) then I cu…

Singing Time Idea From a First time Primary Chorister !

Yup, you read that right. As I've been trying to think of things I will need for singing time, I decided to do this, that I haven't seen before, so I wanted to share it.

I found these little singing time helps hearts with different ways to sing a song. I thought this would be fun to do with "If I listen with my Heart".

If you look in my sidebar you can check out my Pinterest under Primary is where these should be pinned….follow me why not?!

Or I can find it and add the link here later :).

Mother of 3 here…. Ain't nobody got time for dat!
(Ok So I have a little time..hehe…. Here is the link for the hearts  )

So I thought my kids love opening presents and blind bags right?! I'm like what if I wrapped all these little hearts separately and let the kids pick them out and open them to see how we will sing the song? Great idea right?

You can use wrapping paper or I used Scrapbook p…