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The last time my heart melted was because....

There are so many miniature moments throughout my days that melt my heart, that they are sometimes hard to recall.   I try to keep a journal but I am not persistent enough to record all of life's meaningful moments.  I do however try to post those moments on facebook so at least I have them recorded somewhere for my memory.

I love this age with my kids. I love the toddler age, my little one turning 2, my middle child 5, establishing her independence and fashion sense. Some days she's 5 going on 20. My oldest of 7 years old is getting so big and smart. The other day told me about how songs are science because of the sound waves to your ears and that's how we hear them.  Those moments really shock me.

But the last time my heart truly melted was because of this moment

It was dinner time, hence the food.  We are all sitting around the table well, mommy and daddy were sitting, the kids standing, hopping around as if it hurts to sit on their behind. I'm sure I remind everyone to sit 100 times every meal. I need to come up with a sit on your butt singing song. Husband and I are trying to stuff our faces before the kids ask for seconds and thirds because they LERVE taco night and so do we! 

My 7 year old in the middle there said something not so nice to my 5 year old on the left there, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try and say something nice about each other. So we went around the table and said nice things about one another instead of not nice things.   Immediately the dynamic had changed and the kids started hugging each other. This went on for a few minutes as I was able to grab my camera and snap a picture.  It melted my little beating heart like butter to see this.  Siblings sometimes are sour and sometimes sweet like sour patch kids, but on those rare moments when they are sweet, it's ohh soo sweet. 

Linking up today with MamaKat's Weekly Writing prompts. Thanks so much for your inspired topics. It's helping me come up with topics I would otherwise have a hard time thinking of! 

Happy Blogging.



Kimberly said…
That is absolutely adorable.
I love it when we are able to catch a moment like this on camera -- because you know they'll never believe it when they are teenagers!!
It's the little moments that make our hearts melt. All the sibling love there.
May said…
As a parent it really does melt your heart to see your kids getting along so well. People will come and go throughout there life, but they will always have each other.
Mama Kat said…
Awww, that really is a great age range and their little hugs are too sweet!!

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