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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Honoring Mother's for Primary Singing time

Happy Mother's Day Week!

I am so excited for our primary children to sing their mother's day medley found here. It is really beautiful!

Hopefully the older kids will sing so loud and the younger kids will remember some of the words. (Fingers crossed)

So, for mother's day sharing time in primary I decided we will get to know our children's mothers a little better. I have asked the mom's to provide me with a fun fact, a unique talent, or anything interesting about them (preferably one their child doesn't know so we can all be stumped) and their favorite primary song. I will put the mom's names on the board.

I made these Nesting dolls with my cricut. You can find the cricut simply charmed cartridge here. It has lots of great holiday cuts.

I will print out the fun fact and their favorite primary song and tape it to the back of these dolls and I will hide them around the room. I will have the children find them one by one and we will try and figure out which mom it is. We will put it beside the name on the board. I will have to put magnets on the back also. And we will sing their favorite primary songs.

My plan is to be able to reuse these nesting dolls, which is why I laminated them.  So I have to put the facts on there with tape or something easy to take off.

Just a little fun idea for this mothers day.

I think we will sing Praise to the Man Verse 1 and 3 for opening song and I will have the words printed so the kids who can read will learn the words. This way we can sing it once and still have a fun mother's day activity.  Or maybe verse 1 for opening song and verse 3 for closing.

I usually run late and I hardly get to do a closing song.  Not enough time! Such is the life of a primary chorister, am I right?!
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