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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Primary Singing Time : Quick Song Ideas

I made a few stuffed toys for my primary kids to pull out songs for days when we need a wiggle song, days where we need a reverent song, and later on in the year for our primary program.

When I was thinking of what to do, I mostly had in my mind, "What items do I have on hand?" So, that's why these are random.  A Wiggle Worm Minecraft looking cube, A reverent Robot, and a Frog.

 I made this with felt brown squares and a green anti fleece fabric, I also had this fabric I cut out the flowers and sewed it to the top. Each of these stuffies has stuffing inside as well as a pocket to hold the wiggle worm songs.
A velcro opening that easily opens and closes so the kids can pick a song.

This would also be fun for a hot potato game while singing.

I found these worms on my circuit cartridge. It's called the Lovely Floral Cartridge  It saved me a lot of time from having to create my own on the computer. I just cut them out with my scrapbook paper and put the song on the back. Laminating it to last a while. 

I had a lot of green fleece so I decided to make a frog. It was fairly simple cutting out the body and parts. I didn't use a pattern or anything.

I created these flies myself. I laminated them with the song on the back. If you want to do something similar and would like my fly files feel free to comment and I can send them to you.  They go right in the mouth. These have all of the songs for our primary program on the back along with some blank for the kids to choose their favorite song.  I will use this towards the end of the year when we will randomly choose songs to sing.

Finally the Reverent Robot. I chose a robot because again, I had a circuit cartridge for robots. This is the one I have HERE . It was tedious making all the little Robots and putting a reverent song on the back. I thought it would be perfect for last minute reverent songs if the kids needed to be reverent. 

I found a tutorial for this robot here. I made it a lot bigger however. Probably 5 or 6" squares. Because my Robots on the circuit were about 4" big. I wanted them to fit inside this robot. 

 The Reverent songs go right in the back of the belly with a velcro piece to close and open easily.
 Here are the robots laminated so hopefully I can use for a long time.
How I put the songs on the back.

These stuffies have also come in handy for last minute song choices for Family Home evening or before Scripture study. Or if I just want my kids to be reverent or calm down and sing a wiggle song. I'm surprised at how often I incorporate some primary things into home things. It's why I wanted to make something I could keep. 

I am so thankful for my circuit. The possibilities are endless with the things you can cut out. 
Fathers day ties for Fathers day. All kinds of holiday things, etc.

Hopefully I've inspired your creativity today! Thanks for stoping by.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

April Primary Singing time: Beautiful Savior

This weekend for Easter I decided I will begin teaching the children Beautiful Savior, our April Song.

Since Conference is coming up and I will have one less Sunday to teach I want to begin early to teach parts. What better time then on Easter?

I am kind of excited because I love this song. My goal is for the children to appreciate the song and words, and in order for them to do that they need to learn the words pretty well. We have a majority of younger primary with only about 4-5 senior primary so it's a challenge trying to teach both different age groups.

This Sunday, I am excited to introduce my echo puppet, The Nephite:
That's my husbands arm by the way...wouldn't want anyone thinking I have a super hairy arm... YIKES.

I found it on Amazon, by Sunny Toys HERE. Most of their 28" dolls are pretty pricey so I was excited to find this one for around 23$.  I feel like mine had free shipping but the link has a $7 shipping charge. It's worth the price because it's very good quality. How perfect that he looks like a little Nephite?  I'm hoping the kids can help me name him.  

As soon as he came in the mail my children flipped out with excitment. We read scriptures with him and I was impressed by how much the children were intrigued by him. My husband even enjoyed it. 

So, not only do I need to learn how to teach the parts really well for our song now, I need to learn ventriloquy.... oy. The things I do for this calling. 

Mostly I will sing a part like "Fair is the sunshine" and then have the children echo the puppet (Me) section by section. I may repeat a few until they understand what they are singing. I also would like to invite a few children to come up and try to lead with the puppet.

I scoured the internet for the best ways to teach a song to children, a music teacher had the echo puppet idea. I just couldn't get it out of my head once I read about it. I thought it would be a great way for the children to retain the words. 

I will probably print out a flip chart with the pictures to place on the board so they can visualize the song as well.  
I like this flip chart here

I am also going to sing the song before we begin with a couple other ladies in our ward just so the children can hear it once with parts. 

Our primary pianist mentioned no one has ever tried to do parts in primary so I am kind of scared and nervous and also really determined to make it work.  

I think for a week at the end of the month I might do some sort of April Showers Brings May Flowers Activity...and if I create anything I will post it here. So stay tuned!

If you decide to try this puppet in your primaries let me know how it goes! I honestly thought I could maybe make my own puppet but then decided I probably couldn't make a very good one like one I could buy. 

Happy April Singing time everyone!