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ETO (Every day teaching opportunities)

Now that I have decided to homeschool I am noticing myself finding ways to implement everyday discussions into short simple lessons. 
The phrase of the year at my house will be "Resolve your conflicts peacefully". I will be creating a new poster and framing it to put in the house. 
1. We discussed what these words mean.      Resolve means to figure out how to fix your problem. 
2. Identify the conflict. What are you crying/whining/screaming about?  What is the problem?  Once you've identified your problem, you have identified your conflict, what is wrong? 
3. What is peacefully? Without whining/screaming/fighting/crying.  
4. Figure out how you can fix your problem without whining/screaming/crying/fighting etc. 

5. As a result we will be blessed with love at home. An additional bonus you learn how to resolve conflict responsibly and independently.