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Welcome to my personal blog entitled "Randomlicious Memoirs".  I'm still not sure what I want this blog to be.  I actually have been blogging for a while now, but I deleted all of my old posts to start a new.

I like fresh beginnings.

I am a wife to a gorgeous and wonderful husband who loves and supports me. My husband works full time as a City Planner in our quaint little town.
I am a mommy of three beautiful children Carson (7) Clara(5), and Lola (2).
I'm a stay at home mom with my children they keep me sooo busy. Blogging with 1 or 2 was a lot easier.
I have my associates degree in Digital Graphic Design, and I've also taken Photography classes so those are two of my passions and I hope to develop them further and have some fun things to enjoy on this blog.

I love to create and craft and I am always wanting to make something. I love shabby chic and vintage as well as modern, classical and romantic styles.
I love to learn new trades and always want to know more.

In 2005 I got my massage therapy degree at the Utah College of Massage therapy. I worked as a massage therapist for 4 years until I had my beautiful son.  I still love massage and want to continue using my skills throughout my lifetime as well as learn everything I possibly can and have time for!

These shots  below are so old of my family and I'm usually the one behind the camera, but I hope to have a nice photo soon of all of us! :) If your interested in my photographs head on over to my Vanessa-Marie Blog now XUXU STUDIO or find a button on the sidebar for my FB fan page. I put most of the photos I do and my hair bows on there.  However, I haven't updated in a while. I hope to get on that soon. Hopefully more exciting things to post!!

Follow us along!

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Last Day Of School! Keep In Touch Card Free Printable

Just because it's the last day of school doesn't mean your kids and their friends can't play together!

*Personal information is blacked out.
I wanted to make cards, something my son could hand out to his new friends at school. We just moved here last year and he was really sad about saying goodbye for the summer. This way if they want to play they can give him a call.  Luckily, I found this cute saying online fromShe's kinda crafty who had the same idea. I made the card and thought I'd share it with you!   
The card is a rectangle on the printout and I used an edge cut out to get the round edges.  I love those little things, they make cards so cute.  The font I used is Janda Silly Monkey
Click the google doc link below for the free .pdf file.
Have a great summer!


Honoring Mother's for Primary Singing time

Happy Mother's Day Week!

I am so excited for our primary children to sing their mother's day medley found here. It is really beautiful!

Hopefully the older kids will sing so loud and the younger kids will remember some of the words. (Fingers crossed)

So, for mother's day sharing time in primary I decided we will get to know our children's mothers a little better. I have asked the mom's to provide me with a fun fact, a unique talent, or anything interesting about them (preferably one their child doesn't know so we can all be stumped) and their favorite primary song. I will put the mom's names on the board.

I made these Nesting dolls with my cricut. You can find the cricut simply charmed cartridge here. It has lots of great holiday cuts.

I will print out the fun fact and their favorite primary song and tape it to the back of these dolls and I will hide them around the room. I will have the children find them one by one and we will try and figure out which mom…

Primary Singing Time : Quick Song Ideas

I made a few stuffed toys for my primary kids to pull out songs for days when we need a wiggle song, days where we need a reverent song, and later on in the year for our primary program.

When I was thinking of what to do, I mostly had in my mind, "What items do I have on hand?" So, that's why these are random.  A Wiggle Worm Minecraft looking cube, A reverent Robot, and a Frog.
 I made this with felt brown squares and a green anti fleece fabric, I also had this fabric I cut out the flowers and sewed it to the top. Each of these stuffies has stuffing inside as well as a pocket to hold the wiggle worm songs.
A velcro opening that easily opens and closes so the kids can pick a song.
This would also be fun for a hot potato game while singing.
I found these worms on my circuit cartridge. It's called the Lovely Floral Cartridge  It saved me a lot of time from having to create my own on the computer. I just cut them out with my scrapbook paper and put the song on the back. …