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Last Day Of School! Keep In Touch Card Free Printable

Just because it's the last day of school doesn't mean your kids and their friends can't play together!

*Personal information is blacked out.
I wanted to make cards, something my son could hand out to his new friends at school. We just moved here last year and he was really sad about saying goodbye for the summer. This way if they want to play they can give him a call.  Luckily, I found this cute saying online fromShe's kinda crafty who had the same idea. I made the card and thought I'd share it with you!   
The card is a rectangle on the printout and I used an edge cut out to get the round edges.  I love those little things, they make cards so cute.  The font I used is Janda Silly Monkey
Click the google doc link below for the free .pdf file.
Have a great summer!


2014 Oct Visiting Teaching Free Printable

I really should be studying for my math test on Friday...but I would much rather be doing this!

I was excited to read the visiting teaching message this month and like so many others, the thought to bake bread entered my mind. I wish I was an amazing cook and made my bread from scratch, however, it was the gourmet box.

I thought about just giving my sisters the box with a quote on it so they could bake their own, cause I'm lazy thoughtful like that. Then I decided they were busy ladies and might appreciate me making it for them.

Feel free to click the link and download a little banner for your loaves.

I wrapped my bread in plastic wrap. Then wax paper then taped my little quote strip on there. Finished off with a nice little ribbon. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Fall (pumpkin bread) is definitely in the air and I'm lovin it!

**Printable is for personal use only, is not to be altered or copied and sold***

Free Printable Here
Don't think I'm too amazing or anythin…

Primary 6: Lesson 30 David and Bathsheba handout

Good morning,

I thought it would be fun to create a little handout my kids could take home with them. Something to remind them what we went over in the lesson as well as how they can study the lesson and what they can do at home.

My hope is for the kids in my class to either put this on their wall or in their journals to remember this important lesson.

Click on the image and you should be able to print the image, or download the PDF file on the link below or here, have it printed and give to your children.

Download PDF Here
Have a wonderful Week!

Daily Reminders and Goals. Free Printable!

One night, I thought to myself: Self, I need a daily reminder of the things that I should be doing..
I put pen and marker to paper and had fun with it. Later I took said paper to the computer and came up with an awesome print that I printed out at Walmart for about $13 bucks and now hangs in our hallway.  This serves as a daily reminder for me and my family to keep these important priorities numero uno. 
I decided to share so if you'd like to download a copy the sizes are 16X20 and you can click a jpg or pdf. These links will take you to the google doc and you can download there.  I don't think Walmart uploads the pdf files, but other online print companies like MPIX will. 

Here is my finished product, please excuse the glare from the lights and flash. 

@copyright property of Vanessa-Marie Photography and Design.
Free for personal use and not for profit only.

This is hopefully just the first of many fun printables to come!Probably more after school is over.
Have a wonderful We…