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Ambitious? I think so!!!

This is my school workload for the next few weeks.

I wrote it all down because it would like to finish these before next week. Hahahahahahahaha.
But really though, it would be so nice to not have to worry about schoolwork when baby comes. I'm hopeful I can get most done and then my husband took some time off from work so maybe that will give me extra time. 
Spring break will be after these assignments so that will put me into about mid March with no schoolwork. 
School this semester is challenging. I thought the classes were going to be easy like my project management class and digital color. Like really. Is color that hard? But yes!! It's like it's a different language.  Also for my web design class I'm starting coding and that's like another language, so I'm all digitally bilingual, or trying to be. 
I also made myself a nice list (I never make lists) on things I want done before the baby comes in the house. Like having all the kids rooms clean and all the la…