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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Honoring Mother's for Primary Singing time

Happy Mother's Day Week!

I am so excited for our primary children to sing their mother's day medley found here. It is really beautiful!

Hopefully the older kids will sing so loud and the younger kids will remember some of the words. (Fingers crossed)

So, for mother's day sharing time in primary I decided we will get to know our children's mothers a little better. I have asked the mom's to provide me with a fun fact, a unique talent, or anything interesting about them (preferably one their child doesn't know so we can all be stumped) and their favorite primary song. I will put the mom's names on the board.

I made these Nesting dolls with my cricut. You can find the cricut simply charmed cartridge here. It has lots of great holiday cuts.

I will print out the fun fact and their favorite primary song and tape it to the back of these dolls and I will hide them around the room. I will have the children find them one by one and we will try and figure out which mom it is. We will put it beside the name on the board. I will have to put magnets on the back also. And we will sing their favorite primary songs.

My plan is to be able to reuse these nesting dolls, which is why I laminated them.  So I have to put the facts on there with tape or something easy to take off.

Just a little fun idea for this mothers day.

I think we will sing Praise to the Man Verse 1 and 3 for opening song and I will have the words printed so the kids who can read will learn the words. This way we can sing it once and still have a fun mother's day activity.  Or maybe verse 1 for opening song and verse 3 for closing.

I usually run late and I hardly get to do a closing song.  Not enough time! Such is the life of a primary chorister, am I right?!
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Primary Singing Time : Quick Song Ideas

I made a few stuffed toys for my primary kids to pull out songs for days when we need a wiggle song, days where we need a reverent song, and later on in the year for our primary program.

When I was thinking of what to do, I mostly had in my mind, "What items do I have on hand?" So, that's why these are random.  A Wiggle Worm Minecraft looking cube, A reverent Robot, and a Frog.

 I made this with felt brown squares and a green anti fleece fabric, I also had this fabric I cut out the flowers and sewed it to the top. Each of these stuffies has stuffing inside as well as a pocket to hold the wiggle worm songs.
A velcro opening that easily opens and closes so the kids can pick a song.

This would also be fun for a hot potato game while singing.

I found these worms on my circuit cartridge. It's called the Lovely Floral Cartridge  It saved me a lot of time from having to create my own on the computer. I just cut them out with my scrapbook paper and put the song on the back. Laminating it to last a while. 

I had a lot of green fleece so I decided to make a frog. It was fairly simple cutting out the body and parts. I didn't use a pattern or anything.

I created these flies myself. I laminated them with the song on the back. If you want to do something similar and would like my fly files feel free to comment and I can send them to you.  They go right in the mouth. These have all of the songs for our primary program on the back along with some blank for the kids to choose their favorite song.  I will use this towards the end of the year when we will randomly choose songs to sing.

Finally the Reverent Robot. I chose a robot because again, I had a circuit cartridge for robots. This is the one I have HERE . It was tedious making all the little Robots and putting a reverent song on the back. I thought it would be perfect for last minute reverent songs if the kids needed to be reverent. 

I found a tutorial for this robot here. I made it a lot bigger however. Probably 5 or 6" squares. Because my Robots on the circuit were about 4" big. I wanted them to fit inside this robot. 

 The Reverent songs go right in the back of the belly with a velcro piece to close and open easily.
 Here are the robots laminated so hopefully I can use for a long time.
How I put the songs on the back.

These stuffies have also come in handy for last minute song choices for Family Home evening or before Scripture study. Or if I just want my kids to be reverent or calm down and sing a wiggle song. I'm surprised at how often I incorporate some primary things into home things. It's why I wanted to make something I could keep. 

I am so thankful for my circuit. The possibilities are endless with the things you can cut out. 
Fathers day ties for Fathers day. All kinds of holiday things, etc.

Hopefully I've inspired your creativity today! Thanks for stoping by.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

April Primary Singing time: Beautiful Savior

This weekend for Easter I decided I will begin teaching the children Beautiful Savior, our April Song.

Since Conference is coming up and I will have one less Sunday to teach I want to begin early to teach parts. What better time then on Easter?

I am kind of excited because I love this song. My goal is for the children to appreciate the song and words, and in order for them to do that they need to learn the words pretty well. We have a majority of younger primary with only about 4-5 senior primary so it's a challenge trying to teach both different age groups.

This Sunday, I am excited to introduce my echo puppet, The Nephite:
That's my husbands arm by the way...wouldn't want anyone thinking I have a super hairy arm... YIKES.

I found it on Amazon, by Sunny Toys HERE. Most of their 28" dolls are pretty pricey so I was excited to find this one for around 23$.  I feel like mine had free shipping but the link has a $7 shipping charge. It's worth the price because it's very good quality. How perfect that he looks like a little Nephite?  I'm hoping the kids can help me name him.  

As soon as he came in the mail my children flipped out with excitment. We read scriptures with him and I was impressed by how much the children were intrigued by him. My husband even enjoyed it. 

So, not only do I need to learn how to teach the parts really well for our song now, I need to learn ventriloquy.... oy. The things I do for this calling. 

Mostly I will sing a part like "Fair is the sunshine" and then have the children echo the puppet (Me) section by section. I may repeat a few until they understand what they are singing. I also would like to invite a few children to come up and try to lead with the puppet.

I scoured the internet for the best ways to teach a song to children, a music teacher had the echo puppet idea. I just couldn't get it out of my head once I read about it. I thought it would be a great way for the children to retain the words. 

I will probably print out a flip chart with the pictures to place on the board so they can visualize the song as well.  
I like this flip chart here

I am also going to sing the song before we begin with a couple other ladies in our ward just so the children can hear it once with parts. 

Our primary pianist mentioned no one has ever tried to do parts in primary so I am kind of scared and nervous and also really determined to make it work.  

I think for a week at the end of the month I might do some sort of April Showers Brings May Flowers Activity...and if I create anything I will post it here. So stay tuned!

If you decide to try this puppet in your primaries let me know how it goes! I honestly thought I could maybe make my own puppet but then decided I probably couldn't make a very good one like one I could buy. 

Happy April Singing time everyone!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

March : Primary Singing Time Free printable & Game Idea.

For March in Primary I decided to make my own game.

I will place the charm bracelet on the chalkboard and then as the lucky charms are found we will place a charm on one of the links in the charm bracelet.

I can't decide if I want to hide all of the lucky charms before primary begins and then pick a few individuals to find a lucky charm then we will sing the song on the back or have the children pick a lucky charm have someone leave the room and then hide the lucky charm, then when the child comes back into the room we will sing the song louder the closer they get to the charm or softer the farther away we get.

Either way, I thought hiding lucky charms and finding them was a cute way to incorporate St.Patrick's day into one week for March.

The printable is 4 sheets. I cut it out pretty carefully, but you don't have to. You also could probably cut a slit in the charm ring and then slip it onto the charm bracelet.

I hope you like it, I am excited to try this with the kids!

I put magnets on the back of each piece after laminating them so they would stick to the blackboard. I also used a dry erase marker to write my songs, so I can erase them and use different song for different months if we want to do this again.

Please find the printouts below.

Page 1 Free Printout (Will take you to google Docs to print/Save)

Page 2 Free Printout

Page 3 Free Printout

Page 4 Free Printout


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Little pranksters in our midst....

This morning my husband was late to work looking for his wallet, he cancelled his debit card with the bank shortly after. He came home at lunch looking everywhere for it, I was sure it was gone at this point. 
After he'd checked with the last store he'd been to, and behind the stove, which I was sure it would not fit back there, It was no where to be found.  The kids came home from school and I don't know what made me think to ask "have you seen daddy's wallet?" To which my 7 year old replied "Clara has it" this all unfolded with a matter of minutes as I then asked my 5 year old where the wallet was. I followed her into her room and then in her closet where she picked up the wallet from the ground. I could not believe they took his wallet and hid it from him. 

My 7 year olds idea of course. I could not keep from giggling. 

"It's not funny" giggling softly.

 "Why are you laughing then?" My 7 year old asks.   

I had to, of course document the moment with these little pranksters. Later I explained to my 7 year old that hiding important things like wallets are maybe not a good idea. 

I can't wait to see my husbands reaction. He's such a prankster himself and will hide around walls and doorways waiting to scare you. He thinks everything is a joke so I'm eager to see what he thinks about his little ones following in his footsteps. 

Little sneakies! Next time something goes missing, these guys will be my first go to! 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do I have enough contour??

Every time I watch a contour video, tutorial, whatever you want to call it I just have to laugh a little bit.  I love the ones that make fun, it's really kind of silly, but also kind of amazing, right?

I'm so thankful to be a woman and so thankful for make up which is a wonderful tool.

Sometimes I almost feel like it's deceiving as I watch reality shows like the Bachelor. In the early morning these women who have zero make up on look completely different then when they've caked on the contour.

I'd like to hear some men's side of the story. Of dating a women they've never seen without make up and then finally it's like ahhh.....

Is it that dramatic? I don't know. To me it seems so.  On the other hand I like to imagine things to be a lot more dramatic than they are, it's more exciting.

However when I try to contour I don't notice THAT much a difference as I suppose that's what make up is meant for, not to change your face to look like Kim Kardashian but maybe spruce it up just a bit.

It seems that is what make up is turning into, a way to change your face rather than cosmetic surgery.

One day I will wake up and someone will have invented the face changer...instantly spray on your new face for the day. That will really freak some men out when that day comes.

Until then this is my mildly contoured make up.
I don't dare take a before make up photo.... hey my blog, my rules.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The last time my heart melted was because....

There are so many miniature moments throughout my days that melt my heart, that they are sometimes hard to recall.   I try to keep a journal but I am not persistent enough to record all of life's meaningful moments.  I do however try to post those moments on facebook so at least I have them recorded somewhere for my memory.

I love this age with my kids. I love the toddler age, my little one turning 2, my middle child 5, establishing her independence and fashion sense. Some days she's 5 going on 20. My oldest of 7 years old is getting so big and smart. The other day told me about how songs are science because of the sound waves to your ears and that's how we hear them.  Those moments really shock me.

But the last time my heart truly melted was because of this moment

It was dinner time, hence the food.  We are all sitting around the table well, mommy and daddy were sitting, the kids standing, hopping around as if it hurts to sit on their behind. I'm sure I remind everyone to sit 100 times every meal. I need to come up with a sit on your butt singing song. Husband and I are trying to stuff our faces before the kids ask for seconds and thirds because they LERVE taco night and so do we! 

My 7 year old in the middle there said something not so nice to my 5 year old on the left there, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try and say something nice about each other. So we went around the table and said nice things about one another instead of not nice things.   Immediately the dynamic had changed and the kids started hugging each other. This went on for a few minutes as I was able to grab my camera and snap a picture.  It melted my little beating heart like butter to see this.  Siblings sometimes are sour and sometimes sweet like sour patch kids, but on those rare moments when they are sweet, it's ohh soo sweet. 

Linking up today with MamaKat's Weekly Writing prompts. Thanks so much for your inspired topics. It's helping me come up with topics I would otherwise have a hard time thinking of! 

Happy Blogging.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Nursery Singing Time, in my bag.

I made a music bag for primary/nursery singing time. I think most of the items will be for nursery kids and they will take turns pulling out items and we will sing the songs that go along with the items.

Hopefully this will help you, all of these items I had on hand.

 Sewed out of Fleece I appliqu├ęd the note to the top, adding ribbons for straps. My 5 year old thought it was cute.

 These I found from Pinterest HERE and printed them out. I think I will use them for the older kids "Do As I'm Doing".
 These I also found on Pinterest HERE that I printed and laminated for songs like "I have two hands, Hinges" etc. The kids can pick out of the bag.

 For "I am a child of God" I have tiaras/crowns. I tried to add a blue for a boy and black.  We don't have a lot of kids in nursery so this will be plenty.  I took a skewer that I had cut it in half and cut off the sharp tip. I hot clued it with fold over elastic I had available and it seemed to work really well and stay pretty well.

 Here is my LO Nursery age, she just loves to sing with these.
 She got into some lip gloss and so her hair is real greasy. Haha..

 Shakers for songs. I think "We are different" Is the perfect song for these.
 "I have two little hands". I just used this nursery flannel fabric I've had for forever and they can pull them out of the bag and we will sing the song, they can hold them while we sing.
 My daughter loves these stars I made on dowel rods. Some I glued with ribbon and streamers this was a hard task as I sewed the stars and filled with stuffing then hand sewed them shut onto the dowel. But she loves to hold them up high and sway the streamers as we sing "I am like a star shining brightly"
 Itsy bitsy spider I found this spider amongst my kids stuff. They don't even use it.
 These cute little puppies for Bingo and the kids to hold while we sing. It was part of fabric which I just cut out the dogs and sewed the sides together, filled with stuffing and voila cute little doggies for the kids to hold.

 I made these scripture cards one year in primary but I think I will use them during singing time for the older kids sometime to familiarize them with the Scriptures.

There's my bag, there are so many things you can make with items you have, especially if you have kids.  
Hope you feel inspired!
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Friday, January 15, 2016

"Your Happy Birthday" Magic Candle. Make a wish : Primary Singing Time

I'm really not trying to go broke being the Primary Chorister, so I found the idea on Sugardoodle and made my own with what I had.

One of my favorite quotes is "It's what you do with what you have that makes you who you are." I forget who said it, but it's wonderful and always on my mind.

The idea is that you will sing a Primary Happy Birthday song for said Birthday boy/girl and then at the end they make a wish and blow out the candle. You slide the "flame" down and it disappears. Kind of like a push up pop in reverse.

Here's how I made my Magic Birthday Candle.

If you're a crafter like me you may already have these supplies. Here's what I used :
Glue Gun
Popsicle stick for inside the tube
a tulle tube for the outside of the candle : You could do a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll also.
Gold & Coral tulle for the flame.
 I started by rolling the tulle around my 4 fingers (It did go past my fingers) then I cut down on the top to make it look more like fire. I rolled the coral then a layer or two of the gold on top. I hot glued it to a popsicle stick the tulle wasn't sticking that well and you need it to be pretty glued when you pull it down. So I glued the felt around the popsicle stick glueing it on the bottom of the tulle as well.

 Here is the popsicle stick with the felt glued on and over the tulle

 See it goes inside the tulle tube and when you pull the flame goes into the tube.
 To pretty it up I used the same felt fabric I have and printed this happy birthday sign I made to match the felt design....OCD people beware I know it doesn't match up.
If you don't have felt you can print out this free printable Happy Birthday I made that should fit around your tube.   You can print it in Google Drive HERE

 I laminated the felt because I wanted the felt to last over time. I probably could have just glued it straight to the tube. You may want to laminate your paper for the printable version. Or modge podge on scrapbook paper could be cute.
Glue the Happy Birthday felt/paper all the way around your tube, stick your popsicle stick with the flame inside and you have a big magic birthday candle for the kids to enjoy.  My kids loved blowing it out and making wishes.

If you decide to take on this project please share your creations with me! I'd love to see.

Thanks for stopping by.